10 things I am guilty of as a twin mom

I am a mother of twins, and sometimes  I take full advantage of that.

Do I feel guilty? Sometimes. Of what? Let me explain…


The inspiration for this post came from a recent list published by John from Ask Your Dad Blog. He shares 20 “horrible” things he’s done to his kids and outright owns up to it! You’ll have to take a look at this hilarious and quite honest perspective of parental guilt.

1) The extra attention.

E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. Ooos and ahs from excited strangers. No, I cannot deny that I love the attention. What do you expect? I have a blog!


2) Enjoying a little bit more “me” time than I probably should. 

I am guilty of taking a little bit longer at whatever the heck is I’m doing just to stay away. (Thank you hubby and family for understanding and watching the boys!)

3) Relief from having to give them all my attention, all the time.

Sometimes I feel bad that I’m not playing with them or reading to them. But then, they suddenly grab books together and start flipping pages simultaneously, or they start cracking up at each other and don’t even notice me as I walk by. Hellooooo extra time on my hands to do other things! Important stuff like eat, wash dishes, drink my coffee, check Facebook, write this blog post…


4) Not feeling so bad for my parenting mistakes.

If one baby is being “good” and the other “bad,” at least I got it half right.

5) The excuse to not bounce right back into shape.

Ok, people. I truly appreciate, no I ADORE the reminders that I just had twins, which means I have the ultimate every excuse not to start exercising again. But really, it’s been 15 months! Seriously time to start eating healthy and working out again… after this weekend. New diets and workout regimens can only take place on Mondays.

6) Less wasted resources.

If one baby doesn’t finish his bottle, we offer it to brother in case he wants to finish it off. Same goes for food! Half eaten cracker? Just dust that sucker off (or don’t bother) and hand it to brother!

7) Spending less on parties.

Baptism? One reception for two babies. Welcoming party? One party for two babies. First birthday? One celebration for TWO BABIES!!! A (tiny) part of me feels bad that the boys technically have to share their special days, but our wallets and sanity are thankful.


8) Less pressure to have the next baby.

Anytime someone suggests or outright tells me to try for the next one (or worse, for a girl), I just smile and they immediately get it. They know better than to actually expect an answer.

9) Only having to endure each challenging stage once.

Yes, the teething and the sleep training and food battles suck. But at least the boys’ ages are not staggered in such a way that we have to deal with each stage TWICE, once for the older kiddo and then again with the younger kiddo. If we’re going to already deal with ONE cranky, fussy teething toddler, might as well throw ANOTHER ONE in there while we’re at it!


10) Double the love.

Not just one, but two sloppy kisses. Two cuddle bugs, two tiny bodies, four puppy dog eyes, four tiny hands to hold, four little feet to tickle… Calling the boys a “blessing” simply is not enough – they are seriously a miracle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What did you think of the list? If you can relate, let me know!

Or share with me something you’ve done to your kids that you may (or may not) feel guilty about.

7 thoughts on “10 things I am guilty of as a twin mom

  1. Mommy guilt here for not cleaning my house as often as I used to. We’re talking about someone who used to be the ultimate neat freak and now it’s considered “clean” as long as it’s not sticky. Lol


  2. Yes to every one of them! I have B&G Fraternal twins that are 7 months and finding my sanity is few and far between. These extra perks make it manageable to say the least. New to the blogging world and yours really relates to me now. Thanks!


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