How to Personalize a Gift Card [DIY]

Need quick and easy ideas for last-minute Christmas gifts?

It’s the final stretch for Christmas and if you’re like me, you’re running out of time and patience. How about…

Gift cards!

They’re easy, they’re simple, there’s no (required) wrapping involved!

While I don’t love giving out gift cards because they can seem impersonal, it makes a lot of sense to let the recipient pick out something he or she would actually like. Plus, grocery and craft stores carry gift cards, so you don’t even have to visit each store!

Personalize gift cards

If you want to put a nice touch on your gift card and you’re feeling a little crafty, check out these easy do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas!

1. Starbucks gift cards


I’ve done this one before!!! Who doesn’t love Starbucks, let alone an adorable presentation of a gift card?! Charlene shares more Starbucks gift card wrapping ideas here!

2. Chipotle t-shirt burrito

chipotle tshirt burrito and gift card

HOW COOL IS THIS?! I didn’t get any Chipotle gift cards this holiday, but best believe this WILL BE DONE SOMETIME IN 2015! Find Danielle’s instructions here!

3. Wine bottles


Why not throw in a bottle of wine to go with a gift card? Two (and a half) buck Chucks from Trader Joe’s anyone?!?! Jen shares an easy way to wrap up your wine gifts here!

4. Add Clever and Pun-ny Sayings

amazon gc

I always love a good pun. Even when someone shares a bunch of puns to a crowd, thinking they’d all win, but no pun in ten did… I will be there for you, laughing with you. Always.

Here are a few clever sayings to go with your gift cards:

Amazon: You’re really Amaz’on!

Target: Thanks for keeping me on Target!

Candy bars: Attach a gift card to a candy bar!

You're A Lifesaver Printable

  • Thanks for always being a Lifesaver
  • 100 grand wouldn’t be enough to replace you!
  • It’s Payday. Treat yourself!
  • Here’s something Extra special for Christmas
  • You’ve worked hard all year. Why don’t you Take 5?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Need more ideas?

If those weren’t enough for you, here are 24 more clever ideas on wrapping gift cards.

My favorite one is probably the FORTUNE-ate take-out box!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What clever, easy ways have you given gift cards?

Do you have any other ideas for personalizing gifts?

Tell me in the comments!

I'd love to hear from you!

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