Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Oh what fun it is to…

see lots and lots of LIGHTS!!!

Global Winter Wonderland

This past weekend, our family visited the first ever Global Winter Wonderland! The event showcased a gorgeous display of lights and landmarks from around the world.

Definitely making this a Christmas tradition!!!


Global Winter Wonderland

We had a lot of fun seeing them enjoy a huge space to run around in and lots of things to see and hear!

Global Winter Wonderland

My family ❤ ❤Global Winter Wonderland

Dinosaurs!Global Winter Wonderland

Recreating our Leaning Tower of Pisa picture!

Global Winter Wonderland

Excited babies!

Global Winter Wonderland

Can you sense the amazement?!

Global Winter Wonderland

Sadly, it started to drizzle. AND can you believe it? We forgot to bring strollers! Our arms were so sore, even after taking turns holding the babies.

But it was so sweet seeing how excited the boys were and how much fun they have. Here are two short video clips so you can really get a sense for their experience! (Ahem, full-length video coming… soon… sometime before the new year!)

Adrian saying, “bye bye,” to the lights!

And… Jer saying, “bye bye!”

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