Burp cloths and teethers and bibs, OH MY!

You know when someone wins a raffle and says, “Oh my gosh! I never win anything!?”

Well… I officially have become that person and can no longer say I never win anything!

Thanks to Egg to Eggi‘s super awesome giveaway, I (or rather, the boys) am the proud owner of some amazing, handmade, great quality baby gear!

We’re talking stylish, unique, and functional teethers, bibs, burp cloths, and crib sheets!


Sorry, Esther. I so excited to open and dig through, that this next picture was taken AFTER I (unsuccessfully) refolded the crib sheets…




The bibs are probably my favorite. Partly because they fabric choices are STUNNING. Partly because Adrian Boy is our drool MASTER right now and why not make him stylish while catching all that drool?



The burp cloths are such great quality, I may pack them in my purse so I am ready to hold one of the several newborns currently in my life! I especially happen to know a few baby girls who are just a few months old… I’m sure they won’t mind being props to my new burp cloths…



Crib sheets – LOVE! As always, I’m slacking, so I haven’t had a chance to put them in the boys’ cribs yet, but it is on this week’s to-do list!wpid-20141223_213903.jpg

And lastly, a picture of the bibs in action!


Now, wish me luck as I attempt to take a picture of the boys using the teething ring! They’re so fast and mobile that it’s such a challenge snapping a clear picture of them these days!!!

Thanks again, Esther!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you like what you see, let me know in the comments! Better yet, go visit Egg to Eggi on Etsy now! Esther is amazingly creative, talented, and full of energy. She has a young daughter + toddler TRIPLETS!!! There seems to never be a dull moment in her life – follow her now on Instagram at @eggtoeggi!

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