Pinterest Inspired: A Rustic Winter-Themed Baby Shower

Oh, Pinterest.

Oh, how much I love you, and yet I hate you even more.

You’re addicting, time-consuming, overwhelming, and intimidating.

You summon my inner Martha Stewart, tempting me into believing all things are possible, force me to “pin” 3829 pins in one pinning session, when I told myself I’d only look for five minutes…

Why? Why are you so evil?!?! Look what you’ve done to us!!!

Rustic Winter Themed Baby Shower


“Rustic” had never even been in my vocabulary before this!!!

I was so honored to be a part of creating this gorgeous, festive, elegant baby shower. My good friend, Tiffany, is expecting a baby girl in March 2015 (yay!!!) and our other good friend, Johanna, hosted the baby shower. Between the two ladies, the event was amazingly decorated and well-thought out.


Super cute frilly banner with a gorgeous color palette (from Etsy):


The best macarons in town… MADE WITH LOVE by Love & Macarons! Can you believe the mama-to-be had time to bake and share her heavenly macarons with us?

wpid-photogrid_1419871874050.jpgCutest EVER hot chocolate favors … with personalized tags hand-written by me!


What’s a dessert table without cake pops these days? It’s been exactly ONE YEAR since I last made cake pops. The last time I remember making cake pops was at the boys’ baptism! Luckily my cake pop game was not too shabby:


Elegant (and delicious!) cake with surrounding hot chocolate favors by Jenn:
wpid-img_1029217053287.jpeg Mouth-watering mini-donuts from Baker’s Donuts (hello, maple bacon!!!): wpid-img_1031411145085.jpeg

That was JUST the dessert table, folks. Don’t get me started on the food. Ok, get me started.

There was Filipino spaghetti (one of my past pregnancy cravings!), Sinigang (Filipino tamarind soup), baked mac N cheese (THANKS, ROBYN!), the usual fried chicken * pancit (Filipino noodles), baked mushrooms w/ aoli sauce (DROOL), a hot cocoa bar, a nacho bar!!! The party should have lasted two full days in order for us to devour all the food at the party. My taste buds went into shock from the overwhelming goodness.

Every time an event I help plan comes together, I step back in awe and wonder if I should be an event-planner. Or at least an event-planner’s assistant! Maybe I’ll just be a contractor. Oh, the possibilities!

For now, I’ll keep working on my calligraphy and lettering and see where that takes me…

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