A holiday shindig, mimosas, and an afro

What good are the holidays without spending time with friends, eating food, being merry, and…

Toasting with mimosas?!?!


I hosted an annual get together with some friends this year, which I named:

The Holly Jolly Shindig.


What kind of stuff was there to eat and drink and be merry with?

Oh, you know. Just some paninis “thrown together at the last minute…” Ahem, RJ…


… and delicious mimosas that I could NOT stop drinking.

Champagne or sparking wine + Kern’s-Nectar-freakin’-GUAVA juice = WIN!!! Thanks, Aprille, Bernard, & Ron!


Each person designed his or her own wine glass name tag for a little Christmas craft!!!

You can see more pictures of the Santa red solo cups and mimosa sign on this post. Thanks, Pinterest!


Yum, yum, YUM!!! That hummus + pita bread… MMM!

Those PINECONES (not acorns, thanks, Kristy) and mini silver/white ornaments were an idea I just threw together at the last minute! I had some small ornaments from years ago and threw it in the glass containers you see there. The jars looked so empty and sad, when I remembered I had pinecones from years ago that I never knew what to do with!!! Check out more pictures of holiday pinecone decorations in this post!

By the way, that concoction on the bottom left was created by yours truly. Apple slices with drizzled melted milk chocolate and caramel, with white chocolate chips and toffeenut bits sprinkled on top.

Thanks, Pinterest, TWO TIMES!!!

You’ve GOT to see it up close. You’re welcome.


And two more awesome pictures for you… Uncle Greg & Jer Bear…


Auntie Kristy played dress up and took the picture of Jer Bear below!


The hubs told me to write on the caption: “Wut da man sayin?” Anybody recognize that line??? I don’t!

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