The Twins at 18 Months


My sweet baby boys turned 18 months on February 1st.


I have a million things to say, yet I am speechless.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jer, my Baby B. You seriously make my heart explode.

You are intense, you’re full of energy. You can make me drop everything in a heartbeat with just one look.

I don’t know if I could adore anything more in this world than your smile and laughter.

You love to cuddle with mama and put your hand on my belly.

Even though my belly is still pudgy and I hate it and I wish it looked better, your hand holding me tight blows all of those insecurities away.

You hate when brother steals things from you and you hit him back. But then when he is crying, you feel so bad and give me a look showing your concern.

Days go by so fast, everything is a blur.

I want time to stand still, but then it is SO MUCH fun seeing you grow and learn and get bigger and do more stuff.

My sweet Jeremiah. I love you so much…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Adrian Boy, my darling Baby A.

You hold my heart in your hands.

You command my attention with one look of your angelic face.

Your cheesy grin tells me you are one of the happiest babies on this good green earth.

I can see how hard you’re thinking, how much of this world you are taking in.

You love to sing songs (you know almost ALL of the Frozen words by heart), you are talking nonstop, and you really try to repeat everything we say (uh oh)!

Even though you can be a bully by stealing all of brother’s toys and food, we know you will always look out for your best buddy.

Our lives aren’t perfect. But when you run into my arms, that moment you are with me tells me that everything is going to be just fine.

You are our little chub-chubs. I love you SO SO much.


A long, yet short 18 months have gone by.

It’s insane to see how big you both are.

It’s insane to see how far we’ve come and are really thriving.

It’s still insane to know that we have TWO of you.


Mama and Papa love you both seriously to the moon and back.

Happy 18 months, Adrian & Jeremiah.

❤ ❤

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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twins first year

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You may be wondering where I’ve been lately… I’ve been losing sleep over my new hobby, calligraphy & lettering! You can check out my latest work on Instagram at @piecescalligraphy. I’d love for you to head over and follow me!

i love you to the moon and back - pieces calligraphy

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