What I’ve been up to lately…


Well, hello there! It’s been a while!

I’ve had a gazillion (yes, that’s a word) things to do, so little coffee. And time.

To those of you who’ve recently inquired or commented about my blog – THANK YOU! Your thoughtfulness and support means the world to me.

So what’s new lately? In no particular order…


If you’re following me on Instagram @ piecescalligraphy, you’ll know that I have renewed my passion for art and discovered that I am deeply in love with calligraphy!

wpid-img_20150402_150029.jpg wpid-img_20150409_082936.jpg

Click here for my temporary calligraphy page (until I get a new blog up and running that is dedicated to all calligraphy work!).

Until I get a new blog up, I am working on a quick post devoted to explaining how I got into calligraphy and what I would recommend for interested beginners. I’ve had a ton of inquiries for custom work and for help getting started – so exciting and yet very overwhelming!

Thanks to those of you who have shown interest in my work and shared a kind word. Your support is very much appreciated.


It’s a 24/7 job without any days off!


Until I have oh, I don’t know, about FIVE CONSECUTIIVE HOURS, I will just leave you with some photos because they’re worth a thousand words, right? Here’s 4,000 for ya!!!


We don’t do Boba Fridays anymore, but we are sure to get our fix every so often!


The twins have been growing like WEEDS. There is SO SO much to update with them. They’re talking, practically running, trying to jump, and so so active. They play and interact with each other, which also means they fight, too! They’re so smart, picking up so much and learning a lot every day.



And of course, life just keeps on going. Busy at my day job where I crunch numbers and write reports and fun stuff like that. Maintaining a house that just does not know how to stay clean. (Seriously, “The NeverEnding Story” should have been about laundry & dishes). And squeezing in making time for family and friends because they are what is most important.


Could not resist this photo of Adrian and Papa.


Fun times at birthday parties!


It’s your turn…

What have YOU been up to lately? I want to know!

Have you started a new hobby? Are you interested in calligraphy?

Have you gone anywhere fun lately? Or have sweet summer plans?

Is anyone still reading this??? (I hope so!).

I'd love to hear from you!

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