Who knew photoshoots could be so much fun?

I recently was asked by Tra of Two Twenty Photos to be a model for her upcoming Women Beauty Portrait line. While I was super excited and honored, I was concerned that I had no modeling experience whatsoever! Plus, I’ve watched my fair share of Top Model, so I thought, it can’t be that bad, could it? Well, it wasn’t BAD. But it was certainly hard!!! Modeling looks easy, but it takes some serious skill! wpid-img951606.jpg Yep, that’s me, trying to pose like I know what I’m doing… The crazy thing is, every time I thought I was posing just fine, Tra would make me look in a different direction or place a hand somewhere unexpected or twist my body in a way that I have not been able to twist in a long time. It felt awkward, uncomfortable, and silly at times. But I trusted her and knew she had a vision. wpid-img_4489.jpg Tra shared these photos with me the other day and I was astonished! To finally see through the photographer’s eyes brought everything full circle and I couldn’t be more proud of the results. wpid-img954901.jpg Well, hello, pretty cool looking wall. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to stand here and attempt to look pretty… wpid-img959955.jpg Ok, candid photos officially are THE BEST. Even if my laugh was not entirely natural and I had to tell myself a joke just to get it out. 🙂 🙂 Big thank you to Tra for including me in such an amazing project! The experience was one I will always treasure! Here’s a very sweet note Tra wrote in one of the photos she featured on her Instagram. It touched my heart:

My beautiful friend Sharisse (@piecescalligraphy) to model for my Women Beauty Portrait line yesterday. She wore this short violet dress for her engagement photos 3 or 4 years ago. Now that she had the twins, she was so excited to be able to get into it again. To make it a little extra special, I suggested that we add flowers to her hair. Next thing you know, I’m giving her an up-do. Then the tulle dress came on and all of a sudden, it felt so magical. She looked like a princess.

We were giddy like little girls that got to play dress up. It felt like the ballgown that she didn’t get to wear for her wedding.

~ ~ ~

Check out more of Tra’s work and follow her Instagram to see the latest!!! Website: Two Twenty Photos Blog: Two Twenty Photos Blog Photography Instagram: @twotwentyphotos Beauty & boudoir Instagram: @twotwentybeautyboudoir

~ ~ ~

And special shoutout to my sweet girlfriend, Johanna, for my celebrity-status hair and make-up! She has been my go-to stylist for so many previous photoshoots as well! Check out our Sacramento photoshoot, San Francisco photoshoot, and maternity photoshoot for more of her amazing work!

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