Blogs I <3


Here are a few of the blogs I love reading. Some are my all-time favorites, some are recent finds. I love anything food, nutrition, fitness, running, baby, pregnancy, fashion, style, and fun! Introduce me to an honest, hilarious, humble blogger and I am a new fan 🙂

Janae @ The Hungry Runner Girl

LOVE LOVE LOVE Janae! She’s a speedy runner who loves candy and her darling daughter, Brooke. Check out the sweet video Janae and Brooke made me for Christmas one day!

Sarah @ SkinnyRunner

Does anyone know why she discontinued her blog? 😦  Sarah runs 942 marathons a year and her humor always makes my day.

Kristin @ STUFT Mama

Running mama of twins! Kristin is my inspiration to become a FIT, FABULOUS, AND AMAZING person/woman/twin mom. I reached out to her when I was first expecting twins and she was super sweet and supportive of my new journey.

Caitlin @ Healthy Tipping Point

Caitlin takes amazing photos of all things food, nutrition, fitness, and her baby, Henry. She’s expecting a second bun in the oven!

Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers

Julie is the truly one of the gurus of blogging. I love that she shares tips on blogging, which I found extremely helpful. She is funny and sweet, sharing her food and fitness adventures.

Tina @ Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Tina, another blogging guru, also has graciously shared her blogging tips with her readers! She just had a baby and it is so fun reliving those early days through her.

Michelle @ NomNomPaleo

Michelle’s website contains a wealth of recipes, resources, and information about the Paleo diet. You don’t have to follow the Paleo diet to enjoy and take full advantage of her website.

Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin

Jessica is the Chalkboard Queen. Her chalkboard updates documenting her pregnancy inspired me to do my own whiteboard updates. She is a fashionable, creative, wonderful mother and wife.

Angela @ Oh She Glows

Angela’s vegan recipes really intrigue me! I am not a vegan, nor vegetarian, but it’s nice to try recipes that are.

Kim @ Poor Girl Eats Well

A Sacramento local! Kim does an amazing job sharing her fantastic eats on an incredible budget! We’re talking a huge grocery haul for $25 that she turns into delicious meals.

Lilly @ Lilly’s Style

Lilly models her amazing wardrobe on her blog and is generous enough to share links not only to her clothing items, shoes, and accessories, but also other, more affordable options!

Andie @ Can You Stay for Dinner?

Andie’s inspirational story has captured tons of readers, myself included. She went on an amazing journey that transformed her into the fabulous and very healthy body she has now. Love her recipes.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

All I do is visit Jenn’s page to drool over her food. I think I could seriously get full just staring at her pictures (sike). She makes veggies fun and exciting – exactly what I need in my life!

Johanna @ The Quay Life

One of my best friends started a blog to track her journey to better health and fitness! Cross your fingers with me that she’ll start her blog up again!

Masae & Co. @ First Time Mommy Group

Masae started an amazing Facebook group for First Time Moms and it has grown to nearly 8,000 members! Various mamas share their stories on the blog, spreading hope and support for first time moms everywhere.

Twin Mommy 101

Payal is my twin mommy blogging buddy! I can proudly say I was “there” when she first launched her blog and she is just thriving in this twin mommy gig. The best part is that our twins are only days apart in age so we get to share tons of similar experiences (and heartaches).

Lindsay @ Toned After Twins

Lindsay inspires moms to take it upon themselves to eat healthy and get into shape. She reminds me constantly that I seriously need to stop wishing and start doing!

Meredith @ Twin Talk Blog

Meredith has an amazing thing going on here. She started a blog for twin moms to gather and talk twins! It’s an awesome community and resource for all twin moms! She was so sweet to include me in a bump day post: 28-week bumps.



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