Pinterest Inspired: Holiday Decor

It’s never too late for Christmas decor, right? OF COURSE NOT!

Especially not when it’s glittery, gold, silver, metallic, and just plain pretty!


Just had to share before it’s really too late, you know, like it’s Valentine’s Day or something…  ooo, the wheels just started turning in my head for Valentine’s Day decor…

Read on to have a look at this year’s glitter and metallic holiday decor and SUPER FUN red solo Santa cups!

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Hello, 2015

Happy New Year!

Time has flown, and yet it has gone at the same exact pace it has always gone.

During some moments, time seemed to stand still. It was unforgiving, not moving fast enough.

Other times, it was impossible to keep up. If you didn’t catch the train, it was already gone and you were too late.

Nonetheless, we persevered and somehow we made it to the year 2015!


During 2014…

I learned so much about raising twins.

The boys started daycare.

I had to return to work full-time.

And most importantly, the boys celebrated their FIRST birthday!!!

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Thanks for staying in touch all year!


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It’s you’re turn!

Tell me some of your favorite moments of 2014!

Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2015? Share in the comments below!

The Ugly Truth about Parenting

Once you have have a baby, or know someone who’s had a baby, you learn that there are two sides to this parenting gig.

First, there’s the beautiful, sweet, loving, and picture-perfect side that is full of moments worthy sharing on Facebook or Instagram.

Second, there’s the truth.

The ugly, imperfect, chaotic, uncontrollable, disastrous truth.


What the outside world may not realize is that the first side listed above, the one of beauty and wonder, those moments are often far and in-between the more long-term, persevering ugly truth.

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Pinterest Inspired: A Rustic Winter-Themed Baby Shower

Oh, Pinterest.

Oh, how much I love you, and yet I hate you even more.

You’re addicting, time-consuming, overwhelming, and intimidating.

You summon my inner Martha Stewart, tempting me into believing all things are possible, force me to “pin” 3829 pins in one pinning session, when I told myself I’d only look for five minutes…

Why? Why are you so evil?!?! Look what you’ve done to us!!!

Rustic Winter Themed Baby Shower


“Rustic” had never even been in my vocabulary before this!!!

I was so honored to be a part of creating this gorgeous, festive, elegant baby shower. My good friend, Tiffany, is expecting a baby girl in March 2015 (yay!!!) and our other good friend, Johanna, hosted the baby shower. Between the two ladies, the event was amazingly decorated and well-thought out.

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Burp cloths and teethers and bibs, OH MY!

You know when someone wins a raffle and says, “Oh my gosh! I never win anything!?”

Well… I officially have become that person and can no longer say I never win anything!

Thanks to Egg to Eggi‘s super awesome giveaway, I (or rather, the boys) am the proud owner of some amazing, handmade, great quality baby gear!

We’re talking stylish, unique, and functional teethers, bibs, burp cloths, and crib sheets!


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Dealing with Christmas Chaos: Let it go!

Do you still have a long Christmas to-do list? Still have gifts to buy, wrap, or hand out? Going a little crazy because there’s too much to do and so little time?

That’s exactly how I feel.

If you are like me, you complained about Christmas decorations and music hitting the stores in October. You cried that Thanksgiving wasn’t even over yet and Christmas was already in our faces.

And then you blinked because all of a sudden you had less than a few days to prepare for the big day. Just like the year before and the year before that, you wonder, where the heck did the time go?

Well, this Christmas eve post is for you.

Just… let it go.


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