Homemade Baby Food

Recipes, Resources, and Tips!


What’s cookin’, good looking’???


Homemade Baby Food Recipes


Butternut Squash Puree

Sweet Potato Puree

Asparagus Puree

Mashed Peas

Green Bean, Potato, and Kale Puree


Apple Puree

Tropical Breeze Puree (mango, peach, & banana)

Persimmon Puree

Pear and Blueberry Mash Up


Chicken Noodle Soup


Yes, wine is a necessary ingredient… for Mama, of course.



Wholesome Babyfood by Momtastic

I started out by consuming myself with these two resources: Wholesome Baby Food (website) and Start Fresh (book by Tyler Florence). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Easy to read and follow. The website covers everything under the sun. AND, the website contains a wealth of information from whether or not to buy organic, nutrition info, the age at which foods should be introduced to baby, and more!

Start Fresh by Tyler Florence

The Start Fresh book has stunning pictures (has me drooling all the time) and makes food prep and cooking so easy!

Environmental Working Group

100 Days of Real Food



Organic or not?

Do you cringe at the sight of organic prices, just like me? The Environmental Working Group created this handy-dandy chart that identifies produce you really should buy organic (due to pesticides) and which ones you are fairly safe not buying organic (considered the most “clean” of pesticides). I have this image saved onto my phone. I used to carry a wallet-sized photocopy in my wallet!



Food Storage

Ice cube trays are an awesome way to store homemade baby food! They make storage efficient, they allow you to use as little or as much as you want, and they freeze food easily for 1-3 months. I specifically love using Target’s silicone ice cube trays because I don’t even have to thaw the tray or run it under water when I am ready to pop out each cube! The flexibility of the tray allows me to quickly take a cube out for immediate use or easily pop out all cubes to then throw into a gallon ziplock back for better storage.

Read more about my ice cube storage here!


Freeze food in ice cube trays. Who would have thunk?

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