Raising Twins

The Twins’ First Year

We made it. Twelve whole months, 365 days around the sun.

twins first year

The twins’ first year collage. Featuring: Kingy

Monthly Updates

Here are the monthly updates from the boys’ first year!

One month | Two months | Three months 

Four months | Five months | Six months 

Seven months | Eight Months | Nine Months 

Ten Months | Eleven Months | One Year

One month!


The twins at two months!

Two months!

Three months! (Adrian - L, Jeremiah - R)

Three months!

Four months

Four months

Five months

Five months

AJ & JT @ 6 months

6 months!

AJ & JT @ 7 months

7 months!

8 months!

8 months!

9 months!

9 months!

10 months!

10 months!

AJ & JT @ 11 months!

11 months!


1 year!

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