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I am currently reading about and taking classes on modern calligraphy and am excited to share what I learn with you. Read on to see a collection of my favorite calligraphy, lettering, and other art pieces.

I have always been drawn to hand-lettering and calligraphy. While walking down the street, I stare an extra few seconds at anything hand-written or beautifully drawn. Those hand-written menus in restaurants and coffee shops are my favorite.

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Calligraphy in brush lettering using a Pentel pen:


Calligraphy in brush lettering using a Pentel pen: wpid-img_20150401_130309.jpg

Pointed pen calligraphy using a Zebra G nib and black India ink: wpid-img_20150402_150008.jpg

Pointed pen calligraphy using a Zebra G nib and black India ink:


Where it all started… I took an online class called “I Still Love Calligraphy,” with Melissa Esplin:

istilllovecalligraphy class | sharissespieces

Jeff Goins‘ The Art of Work has been instrumental in my pursuit of calligraphy and lettering.

As a member of a few of his online forums, I had the pleasure of receiving an advanced reader’s copy of this book to review. I promise you, this book could NOT have been better timed with my discovery of this new passion of mine. If you are even the slightest bit curious as to what your passion or calling is, or if you want to figure out how to master your craft and truly reach your potential, visit The Art of Work website now to get your copy!

This is not a sponsored or commissioned ad in any way.

calligraphy | sharissespieces

Some practice while the babies were napping: calligraphy | sharissespieces

calligraphy | sharissespieces

art of work calligraphy | sharissespieces

month calligraphy | sharissespieces

coffee calligraphy | sharissespieces

lyrics calligraphy | sharissespieces

christmas chalkboard | sharissespieces

favor tags calligraphy | sharissespieces

song calligraphy | sharissespieces

thank you calligraphy | sharissespieces

silent night calligraphy | sharissespieces


christmas calligraphy | sharissespieces

blessed calligraphy | sharissespieces

holiday envelopes calligraphy | sharissespieces

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8 thoughts on “Calligraphy

  1. Loving your calligraphy & love that you do it all because it’s a passion that you are practicing and perfecting. I just received the Art of Work too!!!! I started with the pdf but having the book in my hands is the best!!!! I look forward to hearing how you like it too.


    • Hi, BP! Oh my goodness, thank you SO MUCH! How awesome that we are connected through the arts and through Jeff’s work. I absolutely LOVED the book. I read an advanced reader’s copy as I am a part of his online forums and got the honor of reading it before the launch. I am with you on that hardcopy in your hands. When I can, I’m totally reading it again. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m headed to your page next!


  2. Hi! Just found your IG and blog the other day and have been super intrigued. I’m also from Northern Cali. When you find time, can you please do a post about your favorite nibs and inks?

    I am also and mommy (of 3 under 5 yrs old) with a full-time job and a need to still fulfill my scrapbook/craft addiction/hobby. Now delving into calligraphy to add to my scrapbook pages and have no idea where to begin.

    I love your work and your blog posts =)


    • Hi there! Awesome! Where in NorCal are you from? I’m in Elk Grove/Sacramento!

      Yes! A post on my favorite tools in general (nibs & inks) is the plan. I’m so grateful for your support!!! I am totally with you on needing to find a creative outlet. It’s INCREDIBLY important for us mommies to have something “just for us,” away from the kiddos!

      My biggest tip for beginning is to keep finding inspiration (on Instagram and elsewhere – the WWW is so vast!!!). When you find a style or type of calligraphy/lettering you like, reach out to that person! I guarantee many of them are willing to give you some tips and help out, myself included! If you have the time, check out Melissa Esplin’s online class, “I Still Love Calligraphy.” That’s the class I took, which was PERFECT b/c it’s self-paced and I could work on assignments as I could, even if I only had 5, 10, or 15 min. to spare. Definitely something that would work out well with your busy schedule with a job & kids! Best wishes to you! ❤ ❤


      • I’m from Vallejo =) born and raised. I lived in Sac for about 5 years while attending Sac State. I miss it there….not the heat though. Lol. Btw, I’m @honeybadgerfam on IG. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for inspiring.


  3. Love your work! You are so talented!
    I am a total newbie and wanting to get into calligraphy but not quite sure where to start! I would love a post about your favourite “tools” and where to find them 🙂
    Thinking about taking the online Calligraphy Course by Melissa Espin – I’m a lefty so I hope I can still learn 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Hi, Christie!!! YOu’ve got it!!! I will definitely be working on a favorite tools post!!! Stay tuned. Thanks for the support!!! Definitely take Melissa’s class. I know a quite a handful of lefty calligraphers who you should check out! See @inkerellacards, @logos_calligraphy, and @tmtcalligraphy on Instagram!


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