Dear Babies #2


Dear Babies,

You are six months now! We were warned that this journey called “parenthood” would be hard. That there would be blood, sweat, and tears. Oh, the tears. Tears on each of your faces and tears on my own. We were warned that time would fly. Boy, were they right. I know we’ve been through so much together, from the day we learned there were two of you in my belly, to the long and scary bed rest, to the NICU days, and to the past six months of being at home together before I returned to work. We blinked and now half a year later, you are already so big, healthy, smiling, babbling, and laughing like big boys. It is a real blessing to be your parents and see you grow up. We count ourselves lucky every day.

I’m sad that you won’t remember these days the way we will. I wish you could understand the pure joy that fills our heart when our eyes meet and you break out in a large smile and giggles. How proud of you we already are, just for making it through your incredible journey this far and for surprising us each day.

Jeremiah, you have the most adorable smile and laugh. Your face and eyes light up when we approach you. When we go to get you from your crib, your arms and legs flail in excitement and you start babbling as if you were so happy that we returned to you. You’re so intense! You can be so full of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy on minute, and then crying insanely loud, high-pitched, and uncontrollably the next.

Adrian, it takes a lot more to get a smile out of you. You make us and everyone else work for it! But when you do, it’s the cutest little grin ever and you turn your head in a sort of bashful and shy way. We know you’re just making us work for your attention and it is so worth it. You can certainly let out a good cry as well, but you have really gotten good use out of that thumb of yours! If you had any more teeth, I think you may have gnawed off your thumb by now.

You boys started daycare recently and it’s been bittersweet for us. On one hand, we want to stay home with you forever, hanging out, cuddling, and dancing. We want to know you’re safe in our arms and that you’re getting all the love and attention you deserve. But we also want to provide for you, set good examples of hard work and dedication, so one day you’ll be inspired to go after your own dreams and work hard for your families. We want you to make friends and explore new things outside of our home and be independent. We look forward to the time we can pick you up from daycare or school and talk about our days during dinner, exchanging stories and making big weekends plans when the four of us can finally hang out all day long.

We love you to the moon and back. You are our heart and soul and we’re so thankful God has blessed us with two miracles that are you boys.




Dear Babies

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Dear Sweet Babies,

Today you have been in my belly for seven months, or 31 weeks and 4 days to be exact 🙂 I don’t know where to begin to tell you how excited, happy, and blessed your daddy and I are to know we are close to meeting you and soon you will be in our arms. You daddy and mommy fell in love one day, decided to get married, find a home, and then eventually start a family. You both are the start to that family! Just when we were so thrilled to find out we would be having a baby, God blessed us double time and showered us with another. It’s still hard to believe and yet we go to our ultrasound appointments and there you both are on the screen!

You both have been kicking, turning, and moving a lot lately. Sometimes you even surprise me with how strong you’re becoming and once in a while you’ll even tickle my ribs. Twice a week, I get to hear your heartbeats with Auntie Shaina. It’s so fun to hear you move in my belly. Your heartbeats sound like galloping horses! It will be so much fun to finally see what kind of personalities you each have.

Your daddy is working very hard to get ready for you guys. He’s cleaning, putting together baby gear, preparing storage bins to hold all your cute clothes, and all other kinds of things. He’s been really sweet to mommy and we both can wait to teach you boys to be loving, caring, and respectable people yourselves.

Stay cooking inside my belly for a couple more weeks, OK? I bet you’re both excited to come out and play, but just know that you are in the best place right now. You are warm and cozy, snug and protected. You have food anytime you want and you’re being carried by mommy 24/7! Once you enter the outside world, it will be a little crazy, but we will do our best to get you want you need and make things a little more soothing for you. We’ve read the books, watched the videos, attended the classes, and talked to our own parents, as well as other parents we know. But we’ll make mistakes, too, have our challenging days, and sometimes wonder what in the world we are doing. Just know that no matter what, we will give you all our love.

Until we meet, stay cooking and know that you already each have not only a mommy and daddy who want to give you the world, but wonderful grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends who are so excited and patiently waiting to meet you!


Mommy & Daddy