Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Oh what fun it is to…

see lots and lots of LIGHTS!!!

Global Winter Wonderland

This past weekend, our family visited the first ever Global Winter Wonderland! The event showcased a gorgeous display of lights and landmarks from around the world.

Definitely making this a Christmas tradition!!!


Global Winter Wonderland

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Thanksgiving 2014 & Run to Feed the Hungry 5K!


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Adrian got to participate in his first 5K and first Run to Feed the Hungry.





We missed brother and Papa though. Brother was sick and is still recovering. But we all went to Gramma & Granpa’s house afterward for some good food and football games!


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!

The boys’ first airplane ride and big trip!

We packed our boys, I mean bags, and went to… Las Vegas! The boys did great. The plane ride there was in the evening, so they slept most of the time. But once we arrived, they were wide awake!

wpid-20140424_222608.jpg These pictures are only the ones from my phone. We took more on our actual camera. I was going to wait until I gathered more pictures, but knowing me, the more I try to work on the perfect post, the longer I’ll take to actually write the darned thing!

While we were there, I spotted Cafe Rio and had to try it! I immediately recognized the restaurant as one of Hungry Runner Girl‘s favorites and thankfully the hubs and our Godsister, Heather, were willing to go there. Thanks, guys! wpid-20140425_141824.jpg Here are the boys with the sweet Ava, who turned 1 over the weekend. It was so fun seeing the babies interact with each other. We were so happy to finally meet her! We also met her brother, Jaden, but he is a big boy – almost 4 years old – and a little spider monkey! It was a challenge to capture a picture of him.wpid-20140425_171737.jpg

The boys had a blast playing in the playroom… Toys galore!wpid-20140426_133643.jpg

Happy 1st Birthday, Ava! She rocked such a cute outfit and had an awesome time celebrating with the family.

The boys got to try out their new umbrella strollers. They are super light and easy to open/steer. Such big boys now.

We were waiting outside Bachi Burger with Auntie Heather, Uncle Ricky, Ava, Jaden, and… Uncle Mikey!


I’d say the wait was worth it… I had the Miyagi-san’s Grass-Fed Wagyu Burger. YUM!wpid-20140427_164230.jpg

Jer Bear sat in a high chair for the first time! Adrian fell asleep so he’ll try it out next time.


We walked along the strip just for a little bit. We went to the Bellagio:wpid-20140427_180113.jpg And of course had to get pictures with the strip in the background!wpid-20140427_181219.jpg

Times sure have changed. There was a time when we flew to Vegas to stay at our favorite spot – Mandalay Bay. We’d party until 3 or 4 am in the morning. We’d wake up around noon… Now, we’ve flown to Vegas and stayed off the strip at a house (but had an awesome time!), we could barely handle a 2 am bedtime, and we were up at 5:45 am on the dot because the boys are so used to eating around that time!



Plane ride back home!
wpid-20140428_101026.jpgHanging out at the airport while Papa gets the carseat transporters set up. The carseat transporters were amazing (see first picture in this post). They were these attachments for the carseats that allowed us to pull (our push) the boys in their carseats. We then checked in the carseats at the gate. 

Brother time!


We’re so happy our first trip went pretty smoothly. Flying with infants – let alone TWO of them – is quite daunting. But with the right amount of preparation, determination, and patience, it is doable! We tried our hardest to maintain their routines, but you can only do so much. Whereas their regular bedtime is 7/7:30 pm, they went to bed at 11:30 pm the first night we arrived!!! I was afraid of the trip throwing off their nighttime routine, which we have worked so hard to get into the groove of, but luckily the past few nights have been back to normal!

Our first family outing!


First family outing: Daffodil Hill

We had our first family outing! This was the first trip we took, just the four of us, to a place that was out of town and not a doctor’s appointment. It was a lot of work getting out of the house. Packing up enough food, diapers, changes of clothes, blankets, emergency items, and the babies themselves is quite a task. We are just glad that each time we get out there with the twins, we are getting good practice for bigger and better things.

We went to Daffodil Hill, which is in Amador County. The drive was beautiful – some parts were full of country flatlands, others had tons of livestock (we saw goats, cows, horses), and some others were very windy (that’s “windy” as in winding, not full of blowing wind :P). The place itself was quaint and pleasant. We did some “research”on Yelp beforehand to prepare for the trip. It was smaller than we thought. I guess we had a Sound of Music “The hills hills are alive” expectation. But even though it wasn’t that big, we’re so glad we were able to visit and witness the flowers. Apparently, the place is only open a few weeks a year and we’ve missed opportunities to go before. Last year when we tried to go, we found out they had just closed the day before! Since we were already on the road and determined to go out, we went HERE instead!

The boys were so cute. They were talkative and Adrian especially was very loud! We wore them for part of our time there and then at some point laid out a blanket to sit on. We got a few people asking about the boys’ helmets, asking if they are twins, and telling us how cute they were. Not gonna lie, I love the attention! That is, as long as it’s nice, considerate, and within boundaries! Some guy actually walked straight up to us and touched one of the boys’ helmet as he was asking about it! I am not the confrontational type, but I am ready to defend my babies if it came down to it!

Here are some fun photos of our trip, followed by a short video. It was fun recording the clip… I’m thinking of sharing more videos on the blog! Hope you enjoy them:)


Gorgeous flowers in bloom!


Papa & Jer Bear


Mama & Adrian Boy

These pictures are the cutest. I melt.


wpid-20140322_131338.jpgAdrian: wpid-20140322_131311.jpg


AJ’s first tooth!


Adrian first tooth made its debut last week! Time is flying by so fast that both he and Jeremiah have their second ones peeking through. I really need to take a snapshot of these cute little teeth. I will certainly miss their toothless grins.

Starting solid foods


Jer trying peas for the first time


Adrian trying peas for the first time

 We have officially started on solids! WOW is what I have to say first. The world of introducing solids to your baby is as overwhelming as when we first learned we were pregnant. What foods to start with? Rice cereal or straight to fruits and veggies? Four months or six months of age? Homemade or pre-packaged? My head hasn’t spun this much since I first stepped into Babies R Us for our own baby registry! For now, we decided to introduce the babies to solids at six months (we began at the beginning of this month) and we skipped the rice cereal. After hearing there is not much (if any) nutritional value to rice cereal and it is merely to fill babies up and introduce them to the texture of food, and learning that it is OK and even encouraged to go straight to fruits and veggies, that’s what we did!

First food was peas. Believe it or not, but peas are one of my favorites. Ask any of my family members and they’ll tell you how I love eating the peas they pick out of their own meals and set at the edge of their plates for me! Next, we tried squash. Currently, we are working on sweet potatoes! So far, Adrian is getting the hang of things and even opens his mouth when the spoon gets closer to him! It’s so fun. Jer on the other hand is getting better each time. He is still making silly faces and isn’t showing us that he loves it. The key thing to remember during this time is “before one, it’s all for fun!” We are just practicing how to eat and the babies still get all of their calories/nutrition from breastmilk and formula.

First time getting sick

The babies got sick for the first time! I forgot who had the fever first, but both babies definitely were congested, had runny noses, and were coughing. Luckily, they were in good spirits and only had to miss daycare for two days. It’s certainly hard to see your babies sick. But in a weird way, I’m glad they did just so we can know what to expect and how to take care of them in the future. With daycare, we were warned they’d be getting sick often! The sickness definitely made its way around the house, affecting me and the hubs, too. We are just one sick family!

Work & daycare update

Being a working mom (and parent for that matter) is exhausting! I wish I could go back in time and slap the sillies out of my old self for complaining about being tired after work. Even worse, my old self when all I had to worry about was myself and going to school! I wouldn’t trade my current life for anything, but how carefree and naïve I realize one can be pre-children.

We’re slowly, SLOWLY getting into the swing of things. It’s such a big help to prepare things the night before to avoid a chaotic scramble in the mornings, but even with all the prep we do, it’s still a mad rush to get out of the house. There’s a constant juggle between getting enough sleep, getting out of bed and dressed for the day, waking/feeding/changing the boys, gathering all of our stuff, gathering all of the boys’ stuff… it’s such a huge ordeal! We’re certainly getting better at leaving the house in general, but during the week, it’s important to have everything since the boys will be at daycare all day and we will be at work.    

More pictures!

In no particular order of our recent events…

Took a walk around the block during my last week at home. Loving the boys’ new ride.


The boys sporting their Monsters Inc. shirts!


Jer doesn’t look too happy…


There’s the Jer Bear smile!

Hanging out with the boys’ cousins… We checked out a new boba spot! The two kiddos on the right are twins also!


Can you guess the flavors?!

The kiddos were in town for a bittersweet reason. Their great-grandmother, the hubby’s maternal grandmother, passed away at the end of January. We all felt at peace knowing she was no longer suffering and would be reunited with her husband, but we all felt sad to lose her and especially since she was the hub’s last grandparent. Here we are at the funeral:


We’re so grateful the boys were able to meet their great-grandmother at the end of last year. We’re also blessed she was able to see us get married. She will forever be in our hearts!

The boys’ Lolo and Lola (grandfather and grandmother in Tagalog) visited because of the funeral. It was also bittersweet to have them back to see the boys.


The twins with their Lola (hubby’s mom) and Granma (my mom)!


And we can’t forget Auntie Ninang!


A a fun little video was shared in my mommy group and I wanted to share it not only with my fellow moms, but all parents. A nice little reminder to breathe and enjoy parenting despite how hard it can be. It’s always a nice reminder that no matter what, our best is more than enough! More on mommy confidence HERE!

The boys were baptized!

The boys were baptized on Saturday, December 28th, 2013!


We welcomed them into our faith with loving arms and surrounded by our family and closest friends. It was a beautiful event. The same priest who celebrated our wedding also celebrated their baptism! After the ceremony, we ate a yummy lunch reception at a buffet.











Party favors were my cake pops 🙂



When we got home, we opened their numerous gifts they received. They are so loved already!

We are so grateful for the village helping us raise these boys.