A holiday shindig, mimosas, and an afro

What good are the holidays without spending time with friends, eating food, being merry, and…

Toasting with mimosas?!?!


I hosted an annual get together with some friends this year, which I named:

The Holly Jolly Shindig.

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Five Things Friday – #1

Happy Friday! If you’re a new reader, welcome! You can read more about me and this blog gig of mine here.

And whether you’re new or not, I have to point out two super cool new features about my blog…

#1) My blog is on Facebook!

I finally created a Facebook page for my blog! Hope you “like” it!


“Like” sharissespieces on Facebook!

Get it, “like” it? *nudge, nudge, wink wink* Go “like” my page now!

#2) New Blog Look!

My blog also has a new look – I call it my “serious” blog look. Don’t fret. My corny humor and candidness will still shine through, if not continue to be up front and center. I just love the timeless, crisp look of plain black on white. Took me a while to pick a theme and ended up with something called Truly Minimal. Very ironic for someone who can be very NOT-minimal! I’m all about excitement, flare, and sparkles!

Now for something FUN for FRIDAY! Five quick blurbs before I start the weekend…


~~~ Five Things Friday ~~~

#1: Sweet September

Fall is near! That means Apple Hill, pumpkins (carving/decorating > eating), boots, and colorful trees.


#2: Working out

You may have noticed I started working out again – gym + at home. Yeeeeeah, that’s working just (not) fine. At least I’m still playing volleyball!


#3: Coffee

Who noticed the salted caramel mocha is back at Starbucks? I did! *frantically waves both hands in the air*

Salted caramel mochas and pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas, OH MY!

Salted caramel mochas and pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas, OH MY!

#4: New project

I came up with this grand idea that involves collaboration with other moms. I have no idea how it’ll turn out, but I’m excited to share soon!


And, the BEST thing about this Friday…

#5: New laptop

I finally got a new laptop! My old one has been out of commission since BEFORE the babies were born. At long last, I don’t have to worry about stealing the hub’s laptop and can write freely. Perfect timing after I stumbled across this writing challenge that I am excited to tackle!

Go Niners, Pink Pasta Recipe, and Random Updates

I used to write to-do lists before starting the day. Now I write chalkboards.


Go Niners! First game at the new stadium today! These pictures are old, but still good ones!


wpid-2014-08-17-09.50.24.png.png wpid-2014-08-17-09.51.08.png.png

The boys are getting bigger. Don’t worry. I tell them every day to stop it.wpid-20140813_111246.jpg

I’m telling you, they’re the ones begging for boba every day. I have to limit it to once a week.


The sister and I braved the challenge of bringing the boys out to eat. It went well! a bit stressful and tiring, but we made it without a meltdown! wpid-20140814_113123.jpg

These sticky placemats were AWESOME. We could sprinkle some puffs and baby cheetos (they’re not really cheetos, don’t worry) on the mat and the boys could feed themselves. Adrian loves pho. He can eat anything.wpid-20140814_113247.jpg

Then we hung out outside of the restaurant. So hard to get both boys smiling so this was the best picture!


Here are some funny faces Adrian made while I was trying to get a picture of the boys.


After we tried putting the boys down for their afternoon nap, we found them like this. Cute you say? Well if you were there, you’d say STINKY! The boy had poopy diapers which prevented them from napping, but they were happy campers anyway. Silly boys.


We went to a local baseball game last week. Fun! Can’t wait to bring the boys.


Look who was at the game!!! wpid-20140812_200852.jpg


I usually don’t do this, but I created something without a recipe! A co-worker shared a quick and easy pasta recipe and I just had to try it. I’m calling it: Pink Pasta. This dish is nice because the sauce is fairly light, which works out for someone like my mom who is not a big fan of red sauces.

Pink Pasta


Pasta (I used shells, but would love to use bow-tie next time)

1 lb Italian sausage (I got the fresh one that looks like ground beef, not in the casing)

5-6 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 onion, diced

Half pint heaving whipping cream

One can diced tomatoes (preferable PETITE diced, but regular works, too)

Red chili pepper flakes


Cook pasta according to package directions.

Heat oil in a medium sized skillet. Saute garlic and onion until onion is translucent.

Add Italian sausage. Cook until cooked through, about 10 minutes.

Add whipping cream and diced tomatoes (do not drain tomatoes). Simmer for 12-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Add pasta and a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Mix well. Simmer another 5 minutes.

Add sea salt and additional red pepper flakes to taste.




How was it? I really liked it, although  it was missing something. Hubs and I agreed it should have had chicken! I also am not a fan of tomatoes so I’m glad I enjoyed the meal. I did pick out the tomatoes though, whoops! I also want to add some CHEESE next time. I think it’ll be FABULOUS after the addition of chicken & cheese.

See more of my recipes HERE!


Your turn to share!!!

~What dish have you created (or imitated) without exact measurements and directions?

~What is a go-to dish that you’ve mastered over time and don’t need to refer to a recipe anymore?

Our first family outing!


First family outing: Daffodil Hill

We had our first family outing! This was the first trip we took, just the four of us, to a place that was out of town and not a doctor’s appointment. It was a lot of work getting out of the house. Packing up enough food, diapers, changes of clothes, blankets, emergency items, and the babies themselves is quite a task. We are just glad that each time we get out there with the twins, we are getting good practice for bigger and better things.

We went to Daffodil Hill, which is in Amador County. The drive was beautiful – some parts were full of country flatlands, others had tons of livestock (we saw goats, cows, horses), and some others were very windy (that’s “windy” as in winding, not full of blowing wind :P). The place itself was quaint and pleasant. We did some “research”on Yelp beforehand to prepare for the trip. It was smaller than we thought. I guess we had a Sound of Music “The hills hills are alive” expectation. But even though it wasn’t that big, we’re so glad we were able to visit and witness the flowers. Apparently, the place is only open a few weeks a year and we’ve missed opportunities to go before. Last year when we tried to go, we found out they had just closed the day before! Since we were already on the road and determined to go out, we went HERE instead!

The boys were so cute. They were talkative and Adrian especially was very loud! We wore them for part of our time there and then at some point laid out a blanket to sit on. We got a few people asking about the boys’ helmets, asking if they are twins, and telling us how cute they were. Not gonna lie, I love the attention! That is, as long as it’s nice, considerate, and within boundaries! Some guy actually walked straight up to us and touched one of the boys’ helmet as he was asking about it! I am not the confrontational type, but I am ready to defend my babies if it came down to it!

Here are some fun photos of our trip, followed by a short video. It was fun recording the clip… I’m thinking of sharing more videos on the blog! Hope you enjoy them:)


Gorgeous flowers in bloom!


Papa & Jer Bear


Mama & Adrian Boy

These pictures are the cutest. I melt.


wpid-20140322_131338.jpgAdrian: wpid-20140322_131311.jpg


The twins at 5 months


Adrian and Jeremiah at 5 months

Age: 5 months



Adrian Joseph



Jeremiah Tyler


Adrian is 15.6 lbs and Jeremiah is 15.8 lbs! They are wearing size 1 and 2 diapers (1’s during the day and 2’s at night) and 6 month clothing!

I dropped my usual format with the monthly posts… I think it’s easier to just write off the top of my head! 🙂

Fun facts about the boys these days:

  • Love eating their hands
  • Rolling side to side
  • We find them in all kinds of different areas and directions in their cribs
  • Sleeping through the night! Yay! Adrian sleeps like a log, bless his heart. Jer has had a rougher time, but he is getting it!
  • Grabbing toys put in front of them and trying to put them in their mouths (I put my hand in front of Jer’s face and he grabs my fingers!)
  • Both developing very similarly in terms of milestones. Jer a little faster, but Adrian is right behind
  • Holding heads up a lot better. Still wobbly though!
  • Distinct sounds: crying – we are better at distinguishing a “fake” or attention cry versus a real cry
  • Babbling is not only louder and more frequent, but it is insanely adorable! (My personal favorite is when the boys are crying and babbling. It’s as if they are complaining about life and want you to feel their pain!)
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Enjoying baths a little more, although sometimes they are just ready for bed already and start crying like crazy
  • Looking at their hands – they are SO intrigued!
  • Starting to place their hands on their bottles or at least hold your finger as you hold their bottle


Memorable moments:

Jer cried BADLY one night. He was inconsolable by our family members who were at the house helping watch the boys. We realized it was bedtime for the boys and had a feeling Jer was getting used to his Papa putting him down for bed. The minute the hubs took Jer, he was calmed down and was able to get put in bed. It was a sure sign that Jer knows bedtime routine = Papa Bear. Hubs was so proud and happy!

Jer flipped onto his belly during the night! It only happened once, but I was half freaking out, half excited when I saw it on the baby monitor!

Adrian is such a champ in general for sleeping through the night and staying either asleep or at least calm as his brother wakes up screaming.


Some happenings lately… I have SO many more pictures to add, but here are a few for now!

Sans rival (Filipino cake) to celebrate their 5th month!


The boys got Sophia teethers for Christmas! Here’s Adrian:


And Jeremiah:


Brother time is always the best:)


Soaking EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT I can with these two. I return to work in three weeks!!! Adrian:




We watched Disney’s Frozen at the Folsom Palladio with my sister. It was awesome! Loved that Idina Menzel was in it. Hubs and I are BIG fans of Wicked and I’ve always loved R.E.N.T.



I’m so happy that we are able to go out every so often and enjoy time away from the boys. We miss them DEARLY, but mommy/daddy time is very much needed to keep the love burning!

Going to hit publish on this post even though I am missing so many updates. The boys’ baptism, Christmas, visit from their Lola and Lolo… Thanks for reading!

First run postpartum, golfing, & a mini-date

I did it! I went for my first run postpartum (or post-babies). Ok, it was more of a walk/jog, but I did it: I laced up, put on my favorite running shirt, and out the door I went. It was my goal to get back into running and today was the first day I could since it has been exactly 6 weeks since I gave birth. Thanks to the hubby who held the fort down and supported/pushed me to get out there. It’s been super long since my last run, so my goal was to do an easy mile. I am sad that my Garmin was out of battery and right now I don’t have a non-Apple computer to charge it and upload runs. So instead, I used my handy dandy Smartphone and quickly downloaded a running app so I could track my mileage and time. I ended up completing 1.05 miles in 15:05!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:


Nice evening, beautiful weather


My first “real” pair of running shoes:


The aftermath:


Earlier this week, I also got back onto the golf course! It was a lot of fun playing and I didn’t do THAT bad. I need to work on concentrating… that would help me a whole lot. I tend to put pressure on myself and feel conscious of those around me. When I really relax and focus, I can actually hit a ball decently!


Today was really nice since the hubs and I got to go on a little date. His mom and dad relieved us of baby duties while we went out to get some Starbucks, eat Pho, and of course, run some errands for the babies. It’s funny because even though this date was for US, we found ourselves constantly talking about the boys during dinner. We love them way too much.

I present to you, a green monster (crazy concoction) and… SALTED CARAMEL MOCHA FRAPPUCINO! YUMMMMM…


Vermicelli bowl, Pho, and a strawberry shake 🙂 Was craving me some Pho!


Here we are:) Always keeping the love alive!


The boys each did something really cute last night during my night shift. As I brought their bottle to them, they placed a hand on the side! It was so adorable and yet bittersweet to think they are growing so fast.


Adrian holding onto his bottle


Jeremiah holding onto his bottle

And lastly… I just have to share the cute positions they put themselves in!



Well, good night, er, good nap? I think that’s what it’s called at 5 AM.