Two weeks already!


Our boys are two weeks old! They warned us time would fly. Both boys are making wonderful progress and we’re so proud of them. Jeremiah is looking like he’ll come home sooner. He got his feeding tube taken out today and is doing very well with his feedings! Adrian will need more time, but his medications are being reduced and he is so much more alert than before!


Look who came to visit today! The boys can’t wait till they can run around with C.A. After their visit, we all got our grub on at the Squeeze Inn! I’ll let the picture do all the talking:)


We miss our boys sooooooo much. It’s so hard saying goodbye at the hospital. They are so beautiful and perfect. I love them too much already!


The Third Trimester!

We enter the third trimester this week! It’s incredible how far we’ve come, from finding out we are pregnant, to finding out we are having twins, to this very moment, here and now. I love being pregnant. I think one of the best parts is knowing my babies are right here with me all the time. So many people have shared with me that our boys will grow so fast and so I am embracing this time where I know exactly where they are at all times! This is the most easiest time ever to take care of them =P

My birthday was the other day and my awesome friends and family came over to celebrate with me. It was a lovely and chill evening. I was especially happy to celebrate with my BB (birthday buddy), C.A. We have the same birthday! It’s so much fun having that in common with her. This little munchin is growing up so fast and so beautifully. I can’t wait to see her interact and play with our boys.

My delicious cake! Yes, I am fully exercising my Queenship rights, effective immediately :)

My delicious cake! Yes, I am fully exercising my Queenship rights, effective immediately 🙂

Me & my BB!

Me & my BB!





The cake was yummy! It was from Coldstone (thanks, babe!) and made of cake batter ice cream, cookie dough ice cream (my fave), yellow cake, and chocolate shavings. We still have some leftover and I am going to eat a slice TONIGHT!


It’s your turn…

What’s your favorite cake? Ice cream?

What’s the weather going to be like this weekend where you live? It’s supposed to hit 105 degrees this Saturday. Yowch.

Week 26 & it’s June!!!

I’m so excited because… it’s my birth month!!! And it means we’re that much closer to SUMMER! My favorite season 🙂 ok, ok. The ultimate reason I’m absolutely ecstatic is because we are at 26 weeks today!!! I’m feeling the boys move more and more each day and I’m starting to notice them moving if I go from not talking or moving for a long time to suddenly talking to someone across the room or changing positions. It’s really an amazing feeling.

Well that’s all folks. No fun pictures, but stay tuned because something in the near future (cough, birthday gift from the parentals) will allow me to soon post pics a lot faster and more easily! (At last!)


Week 19 & Having the Blues


…as in Tiffany Blues!!! This past week has been action-packed and lots of fun – attended a bridal shower, hung out with friends at the coolest movie theater, and just continuing to prepare for the babies! Here I am at Week 19!!! Soon, we will find out a whole lot of cool stuff on our babies – whether they are fraternal or identical, boy and boy, girl and girl, or boy and girl, and how big they are! No matter what, we always pray they are just growing healthy, beautifully, and strong and that the pregnancy continues to sail smoothly. In the past week, I’ve been feeling slightly more tired than usual. My back is also beginning to hurt and I’m feeling aches in places I didn’t know existed. But still no more morning sickness or other illnesses, no more cramps since the last one, and I’m just feeling really great over all. Aside from physically being well, I am just still on an emotional roller coaster, ecstactic about this journey we have before us and still in amazement that it is actually happening.



How AMAZING was this Tiffany’s-inspired bridal shower? Everything from the bride’s stunning outfit, to the creative decorations, to the ultimate candy bar was so “Tiffanied”-out! I was so grateful for the sour candies (sour belts, sour O’s, and sour string thingies) because sour/sweet candies are certainly one of my favorites right now. (Note to self: get more sour straws tonight!)

cake candy bar with kat



Also over the weekend, we hung out with friends and watched 42, the Jackie Robinson movie. It was a great movie. I read an article in the newspaper a few days prior that included an interview with Jackie Robinson’s wife. She’s 90 years old! She said her favorite part of the movie was how much they kissed. I thought that was extremely sweet. Here we are doing a mini-photoshoot at the Palladio. (Yes, I was still on a Tiffany blue kick, so that was the inspiration behind my outfit!) By the way, the Palladio has unlimited butter and seasonings for your popcorn. Where have we been this whole time?!?!

 Deleons at palladio


Not enough Tiffany blue for you? Check out our new living room set! We didn’t have the Tiffany blue theme in mind, but we certainly wanted something fresh, cool, and elegant. Hopefully we can add decoration and other things before we have no time (or money) when the kiddies are here!

living rm furniture


Ever since we found out we are having twins, I have been completely engrossed in my Juggling Twins book that my lovely sister got me. It is the perfect resource at this time when I haven’t really found anything else in hardback or online that holds my hand and walks me through what to expect. I still enjoy reading my What to Expect When Your Expecting book, that book is more of a reference for specific subjects that I can just pick up as needed. In my Twins book, I am already highlighting and making notes everywhere so I can reread those parts again. Two things I learned and have taken very seriously: 1) eat more and slow down; and 2) get things done in my 2nd trimester.  

what to expect bk

Still helpful, but limited

This book is exactly what I need!

This book is exactly what I need!




Thank you, Lani, for the awesome “mommy” collage! Check out her sweet post here. I keep hearing the phrase, “There’s something in the water.” It may possibly be true! Baby season is upon us =P




What’s the latest movie you watched in the theater?


Mommies and expectant mothers out there, what is a big thing you learned during your pregnancy and took very seriously?

Here, Fishie Fishie!

Here’s my new favorite picture of us. Hubs tried to hint about the twins with his peace sign by my belly. 🙂 This was taken at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Folsom.

deleons 5

After our plans to visit Daffodil Hill fell through (closed for the 2013 season!!!), we and some friends somehow ended up first at A&W (you’ve GOT to check out the A&W at Folsom Palladio) and then at the Hatchery. Turned out to be a cool day! The Hatchery is this place where salmon eggs are hatched and then released into the wild. We toured the visitor center that was filled with information on salmon – from how they are bred and what they look like as babies to what their lives are like in the sea and some of the dangers they face out there. Then we bought some feed and fed the fish!

feeding fishies

“Here, Fishie Fishie!!!”

feeding fishies2

feeding fishies3

Too much fun with my BB (birthday buddy – our birthdays are on the same day!).


Super adorable, right? Yeah, I thought so.


Most precious of all was this photo… I love hearing her say, “two babies!”

two babies


In case ya missed it, check out my post on 18 weeks and the BIG BIG news HERE!


Have you ever been to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery or any other type of “fishie” place?

Have your plans ever fallen through, but then you end up doing something unexpected and the day is saved?

Bubbly feelings & a few (or more) recaps

bubblesThis morning I felt three different sets of bubbles!!! If you don’t know what that refers to, it is one of the feelings you get when you feel the baby moving! The first time I felt it, it seemed like two tiny bubbles. Second, I felt a sort of larger bubble moving around. Third, I definitely felt a stream of bubbles, almost like fizzing from a soda pop. From the different resources I’ve been reading and wonderful moms with whom I’ve been talking to, the first signs of movement felt can resemble bubbles, tapping, or a flutter. In the past few days, it was very hard to distinguish between other things (gas) and baby movement. This morning, I am almost positive it is baby movement. Yay!

I updated my Baby Story page. Hope you like it 🙂


I feel like a ton of my posts are always labeled “RECAP,” but as I always say, better late than never! In some attempted order, here are some of the highlights in my life during the past 3+ weeks. It’s a long post, but I promise it’s filled with awesome pictures!

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