Three Years Since “I Do”


Three years ago on this day, we tied the knot.

IMG_6776 IMG_6931

It was a gorgeous day and an even more beautiful ceremony and reception.

IMG_7081 IMG_0012


To this very day – and I’m sure for a lot longer – we reminisce and relive that special day in our lives.

IMG_5885 IMG_7367


We talk about how much fun we had and how everything turned out so wonderfully and how our hard work planning paid off.



We occasionally watch our amazing wedding video to remember all the action and the sounds of the night.

We look at pictures that captured the sweetest moments that took place, the vibrant colors of the cake and decor, and the love we felt from our guests.

IMG_7304 IMG_7320 IMG_7346

Relive our special day with us!

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See more at our awesome Wedding Album!


Coast to coast: The big move


My then-boyfriend and I in Las Vegas, circa 2007.

My first #TBT. (ThrowBack Thursday). Six years ago, this guy moved across the country for me. He left the east and headed west because he believed in something that would last a lifetime. Since then, our lives have been blessed beyond belief. This picture was taken during our first Vegas trip when he made up his mind to move:)

When people talk to me about long distance relationships, I certainly have had my fair share of experiencing one. The distance between where the hubs and I each lived at the time was roughly 2700-2800 miles. He was in Virginia, I was in California. Different coasts. We saw each other every few months. He visited California a few times, I visited Virginia once. We met up in Vegas during the summer of 2007. It was the Vegas trip that sealed the deal. After spending so much time together, walking the strip, dancing the nights away, eating every meal together, soaking up the sun, and having fun at the pool (read: We adore Mandalay Bay) showed us how in sync we were and that we truly needed each other. We had previously spent the past few months staying in touch via email, instant messaging, social media (remember MySpace?), text messages, and phone calls. It was great, but would soon not be enough. However, while we couldn’t see each other in person all the time, we were inseparable in the virtual world.

Even though we yearned to be with each other, I often look back and realize how the distance did something unexpected to us. It forced us to get to know each other without the physical distractions. We talked all day and night, literally until the sun came up. We learned about each other’s daily routines and whereabouts, feelings towards all kinds of things and subjects, childhood and early adult life, family and friends, and more. We had to sincerely listen to each other, paying attention to every word said and unsaid, the tones in our voices, the underlying meaning of our conversations. We had to pay attention to every word written and left out, “read between the lines,” and imagine how the other would have sounded if the text messages and emails and cards were spoken out loud. Deeper and deeper into each other’s lives we dug, gathering more about another person than some people ever get in a lifetime. Sometimes I complained about how I wanted him to move to California already, but each day, week, and month served as precious building blocks for a foundation on which we’d stand forever.

Oh, I could go on about these early stages in our relationship: how we met, how we kept in touch, how we fell in love, how we finally decided to pursue whatever it was happening between us! I’ll save those details for another post. For now, I will take a moment to reflect on the beautiful aftermath of what was a huge leap of faith. Faith in God, trust in each other, and support from our family and friends have each had a hand in nurturing this relationship.