The Ugly Truth about Parenting

Once you have have a baby, or know someone who’s had a baby, you learn that there are two sides to this parenting gig.

First, there’s the beautiful, sweet, loving, and picture-perfect side that is full of moments worthy sharing on Facebook or Instagram.

Second, there’s the truth.

The ugly, imperfect, chaotic, uncontrollable, disastrous truth.


What the outside world may not realize is that the first side listed above, the one of beauty and wonder, those moments are often far and in-between the more long-term, persevering ugly truth.

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What twin toddlers REALLY want for Christmas

At last. I know exactly what my twin toddler boys want for Christmas.

Ok, maybe I’m 99.5% sure. But that’s pretty sure, right?

I put myself in their shoes, er, socks with grips, and thought really, really, REALLY hard. I thought to myself, “If I were a one-year-old boy, do I really want more clothing, educational toys, and books? No way!!!


If my babies could speak and write, here’s what they would put on their Christmas wish list:

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The Preemie Life

In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month (one day late, whoops!), here is a guest post from a twin preemie mom, Lian! Her ADORABLE babies were born 7 weeks early and they are now healthy and beautiful at 4 months old. This post has touched me deeply, particularly because I can relate to all of Lian’s experiences being a  preemie mama with babies in the NICU and the scares and worries of bringing home preemies. Read on for more about her life as a preemie mom! 

chilipinomiracles - raising twin preemies

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A letter from a stranger on the plane

A stranger on a plane wrote us a letter.

I remember watching her furiously scribbling on scrap paper and napkins, but I had no idea those notes were for us…


We were all on a flight home to California from Virginia. Five long hours together on an airplane. She was travelling alone, we had two one-year-olds. Two little sock monkeys (it was Halloween!) who recently learned how to walk. Thank goodness we made it all in one piece! (Or, rather… four whole pieces?)

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8 things I never thought I’d say as a mom

Before I became a mom, my visions of motherhood closely resembled rainbows and butterflies and ponies prancing around my darling children in a meadow.

Ok, maybe not that whimsical, but my expectations were not far off.


[Oh, when life was much simpler…]

Then I got pregnant.

And then I gave birth.

And then there were two little monkeys staring at me, waiting for my next move.

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