My new and improved blog!

Welcome to my new and improved blog,! Thanks for visiting. I have looked forward to this new site for a long time. My new URL beats the old What a mouthful and who could remember the funky letters and numbers? (Me!)

If you’ve seen my old blog, you’ll notice all my old content has transferred over. (Thank you, Mr. RyKnocks, for all of the technical support!) I learned from this gal and this gal, and confirmed with a friend, that is an easier and more user-friendly platform for blogging. So here I am!

Isn’t the under-the-sea theme fun? I get a kick out of the sea life that moves as you scroll. And the little worm on the left helps you get to the top without having to scroll all the way back up. The page makes me happy 🙂

If you’re new here, feel free to check out my older posts. And whether you’re new or not, please stay tuned and check back as I have VERY exciting news to share in the near future. Can’t wait!


It’s your turn…

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It’s National Peanut Butter Day!

According to STUFT Mama, it’s National Peanut Butter Day. I must have subconsciously known this because I made myself a PBJ for lunch today!
I’m so excited to try my new Pro Compression sleeves. I just ordered them last night using an awesome 40% off + free shipping code that the awesome runningbloggers shared with the rest of us commoners. I ordered these black sleeves. Can’t wait to try them out and report back! (Wow, this post is just full of links!)
I’m on my third cup of tea today. Tummy is just not having it. Luckily these babies are caffeine free! 🙂

Recovering from a cold

I was feeling under the weather so I stayed home from work on Friday. Tried sleeping, but after a while my head began to hurt from too much sleep. I turned on the TV and finished the movie Tangled. That movie is really cute and I got a little teary-eyed. Then I saw that You’ve Got Mail was on, so I had to watch that.


Then I called my sister and suggested she keep me company and we watched a few episodes of the greatest TV show on earth… Vampire Diaries!!!

Heartbroken, hopeful.

Friday’s tragedy at Sandy Hook has hit me really hard. I feel so shaken by the reality of what happened. A ton of thoughts flood my mind: the heartache of these families, the trauma of the survivors, the questions of the nation. There are two blog posts I read the other day, which I was grateful for because I share the same feelings and thoughts of these writers:
And the read that really made my heart sink was written by a mother whose son struggles with a mental illness. She wrote this piece so well and it looks like it has gotten around. There is hope that more and more people are understanding that there is a bigger problem our nation faces. Hopefully leaders are touched with these cries for help, causing them to bravely point their efforts in a better direction to prevent tragedies in the future.
Here is the link: Thinking the Unthinkable