We’re rolling over and getting out of the house!

Four-month stats are updated! Their weights were not a surprise, but check out their heights:)

These boys are amazing me every day. Last week, they both rolled onto their backs! I would place them on their bellies for tummy time and literally walked away for a minute only to find them rolled over! Here’s Jer:


And Adrian:


They’re also grabbing things a lot more. Mostly by accident, but it’s really cute.  Adrian on the left grabbing his paci and one of the tubes of my pump haha. And then Jer on the right grabbing his bib and waving it around.


Since we’ve been cooped up in the house so much, I have been itching to brave the challenge I’ve been avoiding and go outside! I scooped up the boys into their carseats and we went for a drive! It took about an hour and a half to get out of the house: fed each boy, made sure they digested, loaded them up, and off we went! Technically, we never left the van. We just went through the Starbucks drive thru:) After I got my drink, I didn’t want to go home just yet, so I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru! I’m not proud of where I went (bleh fast food), but it was simply the point of being up and about with the boys that got me excited. My goal before I return to work in February is to one day take them out in their stroller for a walk… IN PUBLIC! Eek!


This is how Papa found us one afternoon…


So he decided he wanted to join, too!


My morning drink of calamansi. If you’ve never had this fruit before, it’s similar to a lemon. These ones in particular are organic and grown by my very own dad in his backyard! Squeeze two of em into a tall glass, add a bit of sugar (shh), water, and ice and you have a nice refreshing drink packed with vitamin C! I am far, far from where I want to be in my diet of healthy, whole foods, so simple things like this make me happy. Soon I will be back in full swing with getting healthier and cutting out the sugar, fat, salt, and unnecessary ingredients in our lives.



Can’t wait until our Christmas tree is up… Papa Bear is working on it! Crossing my fingers that my next post will include our Christmas decor:) Who doesn’t say this every year, but… I canNOT believe how fast time has flown! It’s almost Christmas and the end of 2013. Ah, 2013. The most exciting, amazing year yet in our journey together. I am slowly stressing thinking about the gift buying and wrapping, visitors, dealing with the boys’ and their sleep/crib training, but in the end, I can only make time for the most important things. In order to do that, I have to get rid of the excess and focus on family, friends, and making memories.

Play mat, doctor visit, and sleeping

They’re getting sooo big! Who said anything about being premies?! These boys have caught up nicely and may even be growing too fast for my liking 😦 They’re both cooing, gurgling, laughing, smiling, and (baby) talking like crazy!!! It’s hard not to fall in love with them over and over.

Our new fun thing is brother time on their play mat! The awesome thing about this play mat is that it has gone through three other babies, their cousins!

Thank you, Toddler station on Pandora. Not only does it help me broaden my song repertoire, but it is bringing back a TON of memories of when I listened to songs as a kid and when my mom sang to me!

2013-10-25 09.32.46

Jeremiah (left) and Adrian (right) on the play mat

Adrian had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Since only one boy had to go out, I took him out all on my own! I’m not gonna lie, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad because it’s only one baby. But it was tough! The boy’s only 12 lbs and I had the help of the Baby Bjorn, but my back was killing me afterward. I should have prepared a smaller diaper bag, but instead I used the usual weekender one and it was super heavy to haul around, especially without a stroller! I also had my first experience changing a baby in the bathroom. Wow. It was such a challenge. I didn’t realize how much goes into it. I had to juggle the baby, the diaper bag, fetching a receiving blanket to cover the changing table, hang the humongous diaper bag on the side of the changing table, hold the baby on the changing table as I reached for wipes and a diaper… but I made it! I was only 10 minutes late to the appointment (whoops).


\Adrian also had blood work afterward. I was reluctant to post a picture of his sad face, but it was just too cute!!! The poor baby had to get pricked several times until they found a good vein 😦 It was so hard seeing him cry. But he was a champ afterward and got a ton of compliments on how cute he was as we walked outta the clinic.

2013-10-25 09.48.13

Adrian was a champ as his blood was being drawn

Sleeping has been a challenge. There have been good things and also some challenging things. Good things: they’re sleeping longer! They can go as long as 4 to 4.5 hours and have gone 5 hours at one point! Another good thing is that our “routine” of keeping the lights low/off and keeping the nights boring by not talking or playing with them has been helping them to know it is night time and time to SLEEP! I was warned that babies often do not know their nights from days when they are first born so you really have to teach them. The challenging things about the nights are that they are addicted to their Rock and Plays, which we’re worried it’ll be hard to wean them off and train them to sleep in their cribs, the are sleeping in the family room still, and they’re still without schedules, which makes it hard to catch some z’s around them waking up at different times and needing to feed.


The boys in their Rock and Plays… in our family room!


One idea I got from my mommy group is to slowly introduce them to their cribs in the nursery. I plan to start having them hang out there and learning it is a “happy place,” then slowly have them nap there, and then hopefully when they are old enough to sleep through the night, they can do so! I didn’t start off too well with my plan, but here’s a look when I did try! Jeremiah fell sleep, but Adrian wouldn’t. I put a friend on the edge of the bed to keep him entertained and he fell asleep, too!


Did I already mention how big these boys are getting?! Talk about chunksters!!!


For the first time in a while, maybe since before I was on bed rest, I cooked! Ok, it was nothing fancy or elaborate, but it was nice being in my kitchen again doing more than heating up frozen goods, washing baby bottles, or preparing milk for the boys!


My very own “pita pizza” special and a simple, yet yummy, salad

Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram for more (and more frequent) pictures of the boys! Wish I could post more often, but theses monkeys keep me busy!

It takes a village and our first family picture

Here is our first family picture, taken in the NICU just before Jeremiah came home. Can’t believe how big the boys are now!


Our first family picture in the NICU

Late pictures: From the boys’ one month celebration! Click HERE for their one month update. We were a week late, but it was a MUST to celebrate the boys’ one month birthday! The nice thing about waiting a week was that it was Grandparents’ Day! It was perfect having both sets of grandparents with the boys to celebrate two special occasions.


Happy One Month, Adrian & Jeremiah!


Caught a smile!

I just wanted to write about how amazing our support system has been. It is true: It takes a village to raise a child. In our case, it must take a village X 2!!! There is no possible way we could have ever taken care of these babies on our own. My family has been such a great help, even before the babies were here and I was on strict bed rest. Not only do they come over to help care for the boys, relieving me and the hubs so we can take naps and showers or run errands, they cook and provide food for us! Whether it’s home-cooked meals, take out, or fast food, they make sure that we are fed. This has helped immensely as I even forget to eat a meal during the day. My days are such a blur even though they feel so long. It’s nice to have relief and a moment where I can just take my mind off the babies and get a breather. Of course I miss them all the time and want to be with them always, but I really think I’d go insane if I didn’t smell the roses or remember to take care of myself.

Here’s my family! Mom, dad, and sis 🙂

With Grama & Grampa!

With Grama & Grampa!

With Auntie Ninang!

With Auntie Ninang!

The hubs’ parents stayed with us for almost two weeks. They helped out a lot in caring for the boys and helping us around the house. Jing’s mom especially cooked up a storm! It was nice that the boys got to spend time with their grandparents. They’re looking forward to seeing them again soon!

With Lolo and Lola!

With Lolo and Lola!

Remember that chocolate cake I was diggin’ into? It was from the boys’ celebration…



Happy Grandparents’ Day!!!


With Lolo & Grampa


With Grama & Lola


With Auntie Ninang

A lot of family and friends have visited and it’s been wonderful having them meet the babies. We’re exhausted and can barely entertain, but I guess that’s OK! One particular visit I want to highlight is from these kiddos. I have seen these kids grow up and I can’t believe they are meeting MY babies now! By the way, Noah (left) and Naty (2nd from right) are twinsies themselves and were in our wedding!


Happy 18th, Micayla!!!!!!

We really wish we could be there for your big party. The boys love you and miss you!

An update in pictures, Instagram, and plans to run

“Sleep when they’re sleeping!” is what we’re told. But when would we actually do anything else?! These boys are a lot of work and they are worth every drop of sweat, tears, and blood. (Don’t worry, there is really no blood.)

As a (wannabe) writer, sometimes you must make sacrifices in order to get the words onto the page. Gotta capitalize when the opportunity strikes! I’ll try to be brief… key word, “try.”

So I am trying something new with my posts… I will just upload a bunch of pictures, add captions, and hopefully that’ll be enough story-telling for ya! The pics may be in a weird order though. Whoops.

By the way, did you notice my new Instagram widget on my blog? You can see the pictures I upload to IG (<– already using nicknames!) either on the right of the screen if you’re viewing from a desktop or on the bottom if you are viewing from your smartphone. I am SOOO with the times! (Maybe a little too with it… I feel like I’ve been posting like crazy, but I just got so excited because I finally saw what the craze was about. I even used my first HASHTAG the other day. I used to raise an eyebrow when I’d see posts #justlikethis or #evenmorelikethisone. But here I am, starting my own with #thedeleontwins :).

Why yes, that is chocolate cake at 4 am... don't judge me!

Why yes, that is chocolate cake at 4 am… don’t judge me!

Us brothers gotta stick together

Us brothers gotta stick together

Little froggy JT and monkey AJ hanging out

Little froggy JT and monkey AJ hanging out

Enough said :)

Enough said 🙂

It's so fun having the boys spend time next to each other. Now if only they could acknowledge each other...

It’s so fun having the boys spend time next to each other. Now if only they could acknowledge each other…

I just wanna eat up these little hands...

I just wanna eat up these little hands…

Fantabulous diaper cakes from Auntie Aur & Uncle Tim! They spent some great QT with the boys:)

Fantabulous diaper cakes from Auntie Aur & Uncle Tim! They spent some great QT with the boys:)

Love these Rock N Plays. They keep the boys snug and they can take really long naps in them!

Love these Rock N Plays. They keep the boys snug and they can take really long naps in them!

"Now throw ya hands up!" It's so cute to see how the boys end up during their naps.

“Now throw ya hands up!” It’s so cute to see how the boys end up during their naps.

Our first walk in the neighborhood! The boys did great - we lasted about half an hour;)

Our first walk in the neighborhood! The boys did great – we lasted about half an hour;)

Jer Bear

Jer Bear during the walk


Adrian during the walk

Are things getting easier? Hmm… hard to say yes. It’s more like we are getting used to things, learning more about the boys, and trying to anticipate their needs better. But already the boys are looking older. We see creases in their little bodies indicating they are getting chubbier! Their faces are fuller. They are more alert and really follow movement and sound with their eyes. They are getting stronger! Diaper changes are getting tricky as they kick and squirm, arch their backs and lock their knees. Still loving the little sounds and grunts they make. Precious little things they are.

On one last note… I can’t wait to get back into running! I know I will be SUPER winded, but I have just seriously been looking forward to getting back out there. I felt like I had just gotten into running right before I got put onto bed rest. I think about it often, especially as I read my favorite running blogs (Hungry Runner Girl, Skinny Runner, STUFT Mama). I am aiming to participate in the Elk Grove 5K fun run in October. This Thursday will mark 6 weeks since I gave birth, so I will finally be able to start working out again. I’ll have to set myself up a nice little schedule to ease back into getting in shape. Bed rest has made me so weak!

Two weeks already!


Our boys are two weeks old! They warned us time would fly. Both boys are making wonderful progress and we’re so proud of them. Jeremiah is looking like he’ll come home sooner. He got his feeding tube taken out today and is doing very well with his feedings! Adrian will need more time, but his medications are being reduced and he is so much more alert than before!


Look who came to visit today! The boys can’t wait till they can run around with C.A. After their visit, we all got our grub on at the Squeeze Inn! I’ll let the picture do all the talking:)


We miss our boys sooooooo much. It’s so hard saying goodbye at the hospital. They are so beautiful and perfect. I love them too much already!


Recovering from bed rest and a huge commitment


Jeremiah Tyler


Adrian Joseph

Our baby boys are still in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) because they came out a bit early (34 weeks and 5 days) and need the extra care to grow big and strong and ready to come home with us. They are each making progress each day even if it is slow and steady. Once in a while there is a setback, but we know they are in the best hands with such amazing nurses and doctors to monitor them every second of the day and give them what they need to thrive. It’s looking like Jeremiah may come home sooner than his brother. We haven’t been given an exact date yet. But that’s OK because as much as we miss them so much and want them to come home ASAP, we want them to come home when they are ready. It is so hard leaving them at the hospital, but we know they are getting the care that we cannot provide at home.

Surprisingly, our situation has sort of given us an unexpected “gift.” The hubby and I have been able to ease into our new roles as parents since we do not have them at home yet. We are using this time that we have just the two of us to finish last minute things around the house, enjoy life as just the two of us for one more stretch of time, and just slowly transitioning into a new sleep schedule. Even though the boys aren’t home yet, I am pumping breastmilk to give to the nurses to feed them. They are too little and unprepared to breastfeed just yet, but providing milk through pumping is the next best thing! They will get nutrition and protection from my milk that they cannot really get from formula. We learned that this is essential especially as they are premies and need the extra boost to grow. But pumping is a HUGE commitment! I was always 100% sure I wanted to breastfeed or pump, but now that I am doing it, I am experiencing a whole new level of exhaustion. And the boys aren’t even here yet!!! But it’s true that you’ll do anything for your kids and that is why I have fully accepted my new career and am doing all I can to establish a good supply and routine so that the boys will be fed the best. Already I am pumping a good volume and yet I can barely keep up with what they can eat! I am logging everything in (how much I produce, how long I pump, and how often I pump) so I can watch my progress.

Something I’ve been wanting to write about for so long is my experience being on bed rest for three whole months. I can’t exactly write my entire story right now, but I can tell you that beginning on May 1, 2013, I was told I needed to go onto bed rest. I was only 21 weeks pregnant at the time and already dilated 1 cm! We had just found out the sex of our babies and had no idea anything would be an issue. All I can say at this point was that we went through a very scary time. It was so difficult and trying to get through each day and week from there. There were some major ups and downs with our pregnancy from that point on: complications with the twins and issues with me. However, with an unfailing faith, the most supportive and loving family and friends, and the best medical staff, we got through each day and week and month! Along with meds to stop contractions and pre-term labor, I carried the boys a full three months 🙂 I still sneaked in a weekly photo when I could and the hopped right back into bed or onto the couch =P

Even though they were still born a month early, they reached a very good gestational age that made us so proud and relieved. The journey continues in the NICU, but it is truly a blessing to look back and see how far we’ve come. Wow, I really wish I could share the entire story, but I’ve gotta go pump! You would think that I can find time to write more, but juggling pumping, visiting our boys, staying there for a few hours, returning home to take care of ourselves… somehow the time flies! But I’m cleaning and doing all the walking I couldn’t do from May-July and I was able to start cooking again! My first real meal I prepared at home… Not the best presentation, but it beats all the eating out we’ve been doing since the boys arrived! I can’t wait to get back into shape and start running again. I will need to wait for clearance from the doc. For now, I’m just enjoying walking again and just enjoying being on my feet!


This was me on bed rest… I finally got a smart phone and I suppose this is what they call a “selfie???”


And some other pictures in my hot wheels! 🙂20130723_133109 2013-07-03 Appointment for fetal echo


I definitely overdid it after delivery. Instead of easing my way back onto my feet, once we returned from the hospital, I was cleaning and preparing and doing all sorts of stuff on my feet. Next thing I knew… I seriously blew up like nothing I’ve ever seen before! I no longer saw my ankles, my toes were super swollen, and my feet really hurt. I was worried something was wrong, but a nurse just told me to REST, REST, REST and stay off my feet, and elevate them! It is so hard to follow directions. Luckily, the swelling’s practically gone now. It’s my fingers we still have to deflate… I miss my wedding ring! 🙂

By the way… who’s going to give me my 10,000th view?! =P (See very bottom of this page. You may not see my view counter if you’re viewing from a mobile device. Weird, that sounded so advertisement-y!)