Don’t wanna work out… and green baby food


Do I have to get back into shape? For the LONGEST TIME (essentially since the boys were born), I’ve used the excuse of having twins to avoid working out extensively. Not only did I tell myself that I had three long months of strict bed rest, but I gave birth to twins! So instead of getting back to the gym or hitting the pavement once my doctor cleared me at six weeks, I just kept making excuses. Work, being tired, maintaining a house, caring for two infants… Granted, I did run once, play a bit of golf, and an entire season of recreational volleyball… But fast forward almost a year later and I have no excuse. It’s not about a bikini body or fitting into prepregnancy pants. It’s about HEALTH and being able to MOVE with my children without losing my breath or fearing I can’t keep up one day.


The following pictures are random stuff and updates. Scroll down to get straight to the baby food recipes!


I keep telling myself that this blogging gig may not last too much longer, but then I wouldn’t have a healthy outlet for my endless, random thoughts, nor would I have a convenient online journal-thing. I revived my favorite bloggers page in case you’re interested!

Celebrated my sister‘s birthday over the weekend! By the way, I’m really loving my new chalkboard!


How cute were they in their Hawaiian outfits from their Gramma and Granpa??? They are joined in this picture with the singing Jellybean Rabbit. My goodness, it’s hilarious when the rabbit sings and dances because the boys stop in the tracks and are mesmerized by him!


We ate at a restaurant and MY GOSH Jer screamed practically the entire time! My new nickname for him: Jerodactyl!!! We need to nip this NOW because we can’t have a crazy baby out in public. It’s one thing to deal with the screaming at home, but he is learning FAST that it gets him what he wants and it’s also amusing (at least to himself). Behavior therapy effective immediately.


New play pen is under construction! Adrian’s loving it. Both babies are crawling – it’s great, as well as tiring!



Adrian tends to hold toys and items in the air.
wpid-20140713_155340.jpg He also is working on his gymnastic skills.wpid-img_20140713_084712.jpg

He climbed up here himself.

Bathtime has upgraded from the little tub to a… fancy shmancy laundry basket! First day we tried it, they hated it. Second day, they hated it half the time. Third day, they would have begged for five more minutes if they could talk! It’s so fun seeing them splash around, but that means as we bathe them, we are in the splash zone!


Finding them like this in their cribs more often… I’m just waiting for the day they pull themselves up and we’ll know it’s time to lower that mattress! Jer (Camera 1) & Adrian (Camera 2):

wpid-20140712_055929.jpg wpid-20140712_055304.jpg

It’s nice being able to trust them to sit long enough for me to prepare food and whatnot. Here they are hanging in the kitchen as I prepared their breakfast over the weekend:

wpid-20140712_073726.jpg Yes, found em just like this: wpid-img_20140712_073707.jpg


Well, the homemade baby food saga continues!!! Here are two green “recipes” I’ve followed myself and had great success with. Again, I use the term “recipes” very loosely because they are hardly complicated! They are more like instructions to prepare baby food. But if you are like me, you want clear explanations and pictures in order to gain a foolproof method for yourself.

Asparagus Puree

From Tyler Florence’s Start Fresh


1 lb (10 medium stalks) asparagus, washed and tough stems removed

wpid-photogrid_1402075050058.jpg wpid-img_20140604_214919.jpg wpid-img_20140604_214950.jpg wpid-img_20140604_215229.jpg wpid-img_20140604_215352.jpg wpid-img_20140604_220212.jpg wpid-img_20140604_222006.jpg

Mashed Peas


One bag frozen peas


– Cook peas as directed on package (I boiled them)

– Drain peas and cool

– Mash in a mixing bowl (If baby is not ready for texture, puree with a little bit of added water. If baby is old enough, no need to mash at all!)

wpid-2014-06-15-20.15.07.jpg.jpeg wpid-20140615_203126.jpg

After I scooped some peas into small containers for daycare, I divided the rest into an ice cube tray. This is after it froze:


After it freezes, I pop the cube out and store em in a ziplock bag. It’s so easy to defrost or pop in a cube or two in whatever I am cooking (chicken soup, pasta, etc).



Check out more recipes on my Homemade Baby Food page! It’s a work in progress, but slowly growing!


Do you have foolproof baby food recipes? Please share! I’d love to try new ones.

Poor baby!


Jer got sick the other day and had to be picked up from daycare. He threw up once at daycare and had a fever and then he threw up again with me at home. The poor thing was exhausted. It was bittersweet because even though it broke my heart to see him hurting, I enjoyed the one-on-one time. We were able to play and cuddle alone and I could rock him to sleep longer than I would normally be able to because usually there is another baby to juggle!

Here’s the little one right when I picked him up from daycare:


Once we got home, he fell asleep in my arms as I was preparing him a bottle. The boys don’t fall asleep in our arms so easily any more. I really miss those days.


He woke a little bit to drink his bottle and he finished it…

I laid him down next to me on the couch so I could pump. He seemed peaceful at first… then he began to fuss… then the poor baby threw up his entire bottle he just ate! I felt horrible:(


After I cleaned him and changed his clothes, I held him until he fell asleep. This time, he was really knocked out.


Then Auntie Ninang (my sister – Ninang is not her name, it means Godmother in Ilocano) visited and look how this little bear reacted! He just lit up with her!


(By the way, HOW ADORABLE is Jer’s face on her shoulder? I melted.) I gave him the evil eye for only perking up with his Auntie, but I was very glad his spirits were back up. Plus, my sister not only brought the pedialyte he needed per doctor’s orders, she brought me boba!!! (THANKS, SIS.) I poured my drink into this mason jar because I almost always order my boba HOT these days and the cup it is in is usually solid (unlike the clear ones for cold drinks). So I wanted to show off my drink… and I’m just fancy like that.


Who is this kid???


Jer Bear @ 8 months

Seeing the babies get sick is never a fun thing. So many people tell me getting sick is a “good thing” because they are building their immune system. But it’s hard to see our sick leave at work being depleted (we are trying hard to build up a nice solid bank of sick leave because you never know what could happen in the future) and it’s scary not knowing if the other baby will catch the sickness or even ourselves, which, by the way, makes it even all the more difficult to take care of sick babies on top of ourselves! However, we get through it as we manage to do everything else and we’re always stronger than before!

AJ’s first tooth!


Adrian first tooth made its debut last week! Time is flying by so fast that both he and Jeremiah have their second ones peeking through. I really need to take a snapshot of these cute little teeth. I will certainly miss their toothless grins.

Starting solid foods


Jer trying peas for the first time


Adrian trying peas for the first time

 We have officially started on solids! WOW is what I have to say first. The world of introducing solids to your baby is as overwhelming as when we first learned we were pregnant. What foods to start with? Rice cereal or straight to fruits and veggies? Four months or six months of age? Homemade or pre-packaged? My head hasn’t spun this much since I first stepped into Babies R Us for our own baby registry! For now, we decided to introduce the babies to solids at six months (we began at the beginning of this month) and we skipped the rice cereal. After hearing there is not much (if any) nutritional value to rice cereal and it is merely to fill babies up and introduce them to the texture of food, and learning that it is OK and even encouraged to go straight to fruits and veggies, that’s what we did!

First food was peas. Believe it or not, but peas are one of my favorites. Ask any of my family members and they’ll tell you how I love eating the peas they pick out of their own meals and set at the edge of their plates for me! Next, we tried squash. Currently, we are working on sweet potatoes! So far, Adrian is getting the hang of things and even opens his mouth when the spoon gets closer to him! It’s so fun. Jer on the other hand is getting better each time. He is still making silly faces and isn’t showing us that he loves it. The key thing to remember during this time is “before one, it’s all for fun!” We are just practicing how to eat and the babies still get all of their calories/nutrition from breastmilk and formula.

First time getting sick

The babies got sick for the first time! I forgot who had the fever first, but both babies definitely were congested, had runny noses, and were coughing. Luckily, they were in good spirits and only had to miss daycare for two days. It’s certainly hard to see your babies sick. But in a weird way, I’m glad they did just so we can know what to expect and how to take care of them in the future. With daycare, we were warned they’d be getting sick often! The sickness definitely made its way around the house, affecting me and the hubs, too. We are just one sick family!

Work & daycare update

Being a working mom (and parent for that matter) is exhausting! I wish I could go back in time and slap the sillies out of my old self for complaining about being tired after work. Even worse, my old self when all I had to worry about was myself and going to school! I wouldn’t trade my current life for anything, but how carefree and naïve I realize one can be pre-children.

We’re slowly, SLOWLY getting into the swing of things. It’s such a big help to prepare things the night before to avoid a chaotic scramble in the mornings, but even with all the prep we do, it’s still a mad rush to get out of the house. There’s a constant juggle between getting enough sleep, getting out of bed and dressed for the day, waking/feeding/changing the boys, gathering all of our stuff, gathering all of the boys’ stuff… it’s such a huge ordeal! We’re certainly getting better at leaving the house in general, but during the week, it’s important to have everything since the boys will be at daycare all day and we will be at work.    

More pictures!

In no particular order of our recent events…

Took a walk around the block during my last week at home. Loving the boys’ new ride.


The boys sporting their Monsters Inc. shirts!


Jer doesn’t look too happy…


There’s the Jer Bear smile!

Hanging out with the boys’ cousins… We checked out a new boba spot! The two kiddos on the right are twins also!


Can you guess the flavors?!

The kiddos were in town for a bittersweet reason. Their great-grandmother, the hubby’s maternal grandmother, passed away at the end of January. We all felt at peace knowing she was no longer suffering and would be reunited with her husband, but we all felt sad to lose her and especially since she was the hub’s last grandparent. Here we are at the funeral:


We’re so grateful the boys were able to meet their great-grandmother at the end of last year. We’re also blessed she was able to see us get married. She will forever be in our hearts!

The boys’ Lolo and Lola (grandfather and grandmother in Tagalog) visited because of the funeral. It was also bittersweet to have them back to see the boys.


The twins with their Lola (hubby’s mom) and Granma (my mom)!


And we can’t forget Auntie Ninang!


A a fun little video was shared in my mommy group and I wanted to share it not only with my fellow moms, but all parents. A nice little reminder to breathe and enjoy parenting despite how hard it can be. It’s always a nice reminder that no matter what, our best is more than enough! More on mommy confidence HERE!

The twins at 5 months


Adrian and Jeremiah at 5 months

Age: 5 months



Adrian Joseph



Jeremiah Tyler


Adrian is 15.6 lbs and Jeremiah is 15.8 lbs! They are wearing size 1 and 2 diapers (1’s during the day and 2’s at night) and 6 month clothing!

I dropped my usual format with the monthly posts… I think it’s easier to just write off the top of my head! 🙂

Fun facts about the boys these days:

  • Love eating their hands
  • Rolling side to side
  • We find them in all kinds of different areas and directions in their cribs
  • Sleeping through the night! Yay! Adrian sleeps like a log, bless his heart. Jer has had a rougher time, but he is getting it!
  • Grabbing toys put in front of them and trying to put them in their mouths (I put my hand in front of Jer’s face and he grabs my fingers!)
  • Both developing very similarly in terms of milestones. Jer a little faster, but Adrian is right behind
  • Holding heads up a lot better. Still wobbly though!
  • Distinct sounds: crying – we are better at distinguishing a “fake” or attention cry versus a real cry
  • Babbling is not only louder and more frequent, but it is insanely adorable! (My personal favorite is when the boys are crying and babbling. It’s as if they are complaining about life and want you to feel their pain!)
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Enjoying baths a little more, although sometimes they are just ready for bed already and start crying like crazy
  • Looking at their hands – they are SO intrigued!
  • Starting to place their hands on their bottles or at least hold your finger as you hold their bottle


Memorable moments:

Jer cried BADLY one night. He was inconsolable by our family members who were at the house helping watch the boys. We realized it was bedtime for the boys and had a feeling Jer was getting used to his Papa putting him down for bed. The minute the hubs took Jer, he was calmed down and was able to get put in bed. It was a sure sign that Jer knows bedtime routine = Papa Bear. Hubs was so proud and happy!

Jer flipped onto his belly during the night! It only happened once, but I was half freaking out, half excited when I saw it on the baby monitor!

Adrian is such a champ in general for sleeping through the night and staying either asleep or at least calm as his brother wakes up screaming.


Some happenings lately… I have SO many more pictures to add, but here are a few for now!

Sans rival (Filipino cake) to celebrate their 5th month!


The boys got Sophia teethers for Christmas! Here’s Adrian:


And Jeremiah:


Brother time is always the best:)


Soaking EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT I can with these two. I return to work in three weeks!!! Adrian:




We watched Disney’s Frozen at the Folsom Palladio with my sister. It was awesome! Loved that Idina Menzel was in it. Hubs and I are BIG fans of Wicked and I’ve always loved R.E.N.T.



I’m so happy that we are able to go out every so often and enjoy time away from the boys. We miss them DEARLY, but mommy/daddy time is very much needed to keep the love burning!

Going to hit publish on this post even though I am missing so many updates. The boys’ baptism, Christmas, visit from their Lola and Lolo… Thanks for reading!

The twins at 4 months


Happy 4 Months!

Age: 4 months



Adrian Joseph

Stats: 14.5 lbs, 23.5 inches

Wearing: Bye bye, 0-3 month clothing. AT LEAST 3 month clothing, although might be ready for 3-6 or 6 months; size 1 diapers during the day, size 2 at night

Favorites: Faces, being spoken/sung to, activity mat

Least favorites: tummy time on a completely flat surface (does better on boppy or at an incline), poopy diapers

Signature moves: “ride the horse” on Papa, jumps/kicks legs when about to eat

Mom’s proudest moment: squealing and “talking” really loud

Dad’s proudest moment: becoming more alert and engaged, just as Jer was when he was first starting out

Some other things about Adrian these days:

He tends to have the more “serious” face and likes to talk and sing more when no one is looking, but he will talk and sing if you give him time, Granma (my mom) can get him to talk and squeal really loud, he holds your fingers as you feed him a bottle, grabs his hair with left hand, gnaws on his fists, can be found rotated 90+ degrees in his crib!



Jeremiah Tyler

Stats: 14.7 lbs, 25.5 inches

Wearing: Also no longer fits 0-3 months, but fits 3 months just fine; size 1 diapers during the day, size 2 at night

Favorites: attention from people, being smiled at and sung/spoken to

Least favorites: being hungry or sleepy, of course

Signature moves: smiling when you make eye contact with him

Mom’s proudest moment: holding his head up while being held

Dad’s proudest moment: being even more engaged, talkative, and social than before, especially his facial expressions

Some other things about Jer these days:

Loves smiling and talking back when you smile and talk to him, loves to sing along – Granma (my mom) has been singing songs from The Sound of Music to him, his hands are out to the side or behind his head when being fed bottle, grabs hair with left hand resulting in his latest hair style, really likes to suck his thumb, starting to roll onto side – he made it partly onto the wood from the playmate in our family room!


Time is flying by! I will still say that each day is hard work and can feel like it takes forever to get through, especially during hard times when the babies are crying at the same time or we can’t figure out what they want. But otherwise, it really is amazing how big they are and how much we are just blazing through the weeks and months. It’s so exciting to see them growing so fast, achieving milestones, and being more alert and engaged. What makes me sad is that I only have two months left with them before I return to work! I will breathe each baby in more deeply, hold them more tightly, and enjoy each moment with them more than ever. I know they will never be this small again, so each moment will NOT be taken for granted!

We don’t yet have a schedule yet, but we have a very rough routine. They eat anywhere from 5-7 am and then we play:


Then they go back down for a little bit longer until anywhere from 8-10 (I know, what a range. Hard to predict anything around here!). As long as I am monitoring them, I’ve been putting them on their tummies for naps:


They wake up again and we play for much longer. Play involves anything from singing songs to reading books, brother time or tummy time. It’s a lot of work entertaining two infants! I don’t know what I’ll do when they realize I don’t have much else in my pockets for them!


We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. It was the boys’ first time at Granma and Granpa’s! You can tell how happy Granma was:


Me, the boys, and the boys’ Auntie Ninang (my sister):


How cute were they in their Thanksgiving outfits?


Something we’ve noticed in the past few days is that the boys are starting to be mobile! They boys have been sleeping in their cribs for a week or so now (yay!). Here’s Jer rolling onto his side (but he hasn’t yet rolled over):


Here’s Adrian doing an almost 180 in his crib!


Here are the boys this very morning in a “T” (the hubs says, “T” for twins!):


Then moments later, we found them like this! Uh oh, we need to figure out how to contain them pretty soon!


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Tell me…

What are you looking forward to this December? I’m looking forward to seeing the boys’  experience their first Christmas.

What’s your favorite part about the holidays? My favorite part is spending time with family. 

The twins at 3 months

Three months! (Adrian - L, Jeremiah - R)

Three months! (Adrian – L, Jeremiah – R)

Age: 3 months


Adrian at three months!

Adrian at three months!

Adrian Joseph

Stats: 13.1 lbs, 1 foot 11 inches

Wearing: Still 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers

Favorites: staring at light fixtures and windows, the activity mat and teddy bears hanging from the Pack N Play

Least favorites: tummy time!

Signature moves: high pitched cry/scream, grunting and bearing down from head to toe, a really big FROWN when he’s sad! and pushing himself away/off of you as you hold him, sleeps with arms in touchdown position or spread apart, holding hair behind head with one hand, “standing: on your lap when you hold him up

Mom’s proudest moment: getting very good at nursing, his growing alertness and smiles

Dad’s proudest moment: his (big) appetite, being chill and not having tantrums (those were the hub’s own words)

Other milestones: starting to smile, coo, and react to us talking to him, kicking off of us while holding him


Jeremiah at three months

Jeremiah at three months

Jeremiah Tyler

Stats: 12.9 lbs, 1 foot 11 inches(TBD – doctor visit in one week! But they must be at least 13 lbs each by now…)

Wearing: Still 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers

Favorites: being held, activity mat and teddy bears hanging from the Pack N Play

Least favorites: tummy time, second half of feedings (cries for more food, but makes it difficult to feed him the rest)

Signature moves: crying really loud (“big boy cry”), making funny froggy faces, strong kicks, “standing: on your lap when you hold him up, holding hair behind head with one hand

Mom’s proudest moment: better at nursing, how much he “talks”

Dad’s proudest moment: more reactions talking to him, pushing off of boppy during tummy time

Other milestones: continuing to smile, “talk,” and react to us


I absolutely cannot believe how big they are. They’ve grown so much!!! If you want to see how far they’ve come along, check them out at One Month and at Two Months!

We’re still tired and sleep-deprived, but we’re loving our boys so much! They are so much more interactive and social. No longer do they just stare blankly into space. No, they are engaged and focused on our faces. They are trying to understand and organize the amazing world around them. They respond to voices and to noise. They follow our movement across the room with their eyes and even turn their heads. They are getting loud. Oh, they are loud. I thought Adrian was done with his high pitch screams, but just the other day, they were still very much there during a diaper change. You would think I was torturing the boy! And Jeremiah. He goes from 0 to 60 in one second! It’s amazing how loud he has gotten. I call it his “big boy” cry. He really yells! You can have a bottle right in front of his face and he still cries like you’ve abandoned him for good. We don’t like listening to our boys cry, but even if they are loud and make us tense, they are so cute! Adrian has a real frown, like it’s not just a pout. It’s an upside-down smile. Jer sort of “talks” through his cries. I sometimes imagine he words he’s saying such as, “C’mon people! It’s only a bottle of milk every three hours!” or “Where did you go? I’m much fun to play with and you walked away!” These boys are getting so big and we are trying our best to savor each minute and keep up with their increasing needs. It’s a lot of work and it’s so worth it.


I really need to post more often so that I don’t bombard you with a gazillion pictures. Hope you don’t mind:) Thankfully, I have my handy dandy smartphone and an APP called Photo Grid, which helps me put together really nice collages in seconds. Consolidation!

I’m sad that it’s come to weekly posts (if that). But the same time, I am glad I manage to get something new every so often. I know it will be great to look back at this journey of ours. Now onto the update…

We made it through one whole month since the hubs returned to work! Hooray! We survived!!! It’s super hard to hold them both at once. I could never do it standing, but I will do it while on the floor or on a bed.


So grateful, as always, for the help from my family, especially my sister! She really is the best with the boys. I love seeing her interact and take care of them.


Here’s a peek at some of the things that go on during our days…

The boys in their jammies! Love seeing these smiling faces. They are seriously what get you through the day.


Tummy time! I need to increase the length of time on their tummies. It’s such an easy thing to do and yet time slips by and I forget to do it! Both boys are really good with holding their heads up if you put them onto your body facing you while you are at an incline (such as on the couch). However, they do not like being completely flat on their tummies! But tummy time is good for strengthening their neck muscles, which in turn prepares them for… crawling! (yikes, not yet!)


Some brother time each day. It’s SUPER important to me. Look, they’ve got fist-pumping down!


Here are those teddy bears they love. They hang from their Pack N Play.  I’ll shake the bears a little bit or make them “talk.” It’s so amazing what kind of sounds come out of your mouth and what kind of pitches you reach just to entertain your baby.


Adrian loves staring at our wedding canvas above the fireplace. The hubs says, “maybe he’ll be an artist!”


They boys nap all around the clock. It’s super hard to get them to nap at the same time, let alone for the same amount of time. If I’m lucky, I’ll get maybe 20-30 minutes to myself (it’s not even being selfish, I have to pump, wash bottles, eat, or just use the restroom in that time!).

2013-11-01 14.20.50

The day seems long…


…but before we know it, Papa is home! It’s the absolute number one joy in my heart to see my husband playing with our children.


This past weekend was Hannah Lei’s first birthday party! It was WAY TOO CUTE how Hannah reacted when taking pictures with the boys. In her mama’s words, she was SMITTEN! Do you see the way Adrian is looking at Hannah? Uh ooh! Trouble already!!!


We got to celebrate the boys’ first Halloween!!! First they rocked the super cool onesies from their Auntie Abby & Uncle Will.


Oh how I love silence in the house when both boys are asleep. It is music to my ears…


My mama (Granma) and my sister (Auntie Ninang). They came over with last-minute decorations and candy so we could pass out to trick-or-treaters for the first time from our house!


The boys in their costumes! Introducing, Jer Bear and Sharky Jr.!!! We have come up with the nickname, “Jer Bear,” for a long time now. It seemed super fitting to dress him up as a little bear. As for Adrian, a lot of folks say he looks like me and the hubs’ nickname for me when we were dating was “Sharky.” So a shark he was!PhotoGrid_1383276660594

Are they the cutest or what?