Week 29 & Happy Summer!

2013-06-23 Week 29

Whiteboard: My sister!

Another week! Pushing through and getting by as my belly gets bigger! Compliments to my sister for preparing the whiteboard update this week 🙂 Yes, the babies reached 2.5 lbs according to our ultrasound this past week. It’s such a blessing to know they are growing at the same rate and that they are at the expected size for being 29 weeks. During our ultrasound, we are only given an estimate of weight. To get an idea of how long the babies are, I’ve seen varying estimates of length according to charts at the doctor’s office, books, and online references. The babies are anywhere from 11-17 inches. Quite a big window, so I’m not holding my breath for their size. Regardless, I want them to just keep on growing and getting bigger, healthier, and stronger!

Some fun updates from the week…

It is officially summer! My favorite season. I just love being in dresses and flip flops, going to the beach (I am long overdue for visiting one), feeling the sun on my skin… I won’t lie, I can get overheated and irritated by the heat as much as the next person. But for one thing, we have dry heat in this part of the country, unlike the wicked east (that’s where the hubs moved from) that has the added horror of humidity. Second, I would rather find nice, cool A/C and wear shorts and a tank instead of dealing with the wintertime and having to bundle up with 7 layers of clothing and still struggle to get warm!


The hubs gave me a manicure! It’s nice to know I have my own personal salon person who can do my toes and nails! He is actually really good, I might add. I may have found a way to save not just money, but the effort! Now if only he can cut hair…

Birthday boys: Jing & Tim, plus little C.A.

Birthday boys: Jing & Tim, plus little C.A.

Golf-themed cake!

Golf-themed cake!

We celebrated the hubby’s 33rd birthday this week! It was wonderful spending some needed quality time with him on his special day. Then we had friends come to the house for pizza and ice cream. Felt like a replica of my birthday celebration… The cake was super yummy and creative! It was a golf-themed cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.


Lastly, check out this halo in the sky!!! Turns out that this phenomenon is technically called a Sundog. (I already asked if a ring around the moon is a mooncat, but we don’t have confirmation on that just yet.) Something about diamond dust… the challenge was taking a picture of it without blinding yourself. I succeeded 🙂


It’s your turn!

What’s your favorite season and why?

Have you ever seen a cool phenomenon involving the sky? 

Favorite cake flavor? If you’re not a cake person, favorite dessert?

The Third Trimester!

We enter the third trimester this week! It’s incredible how far we’ve come, from finding out we are pregnant, to finding out we are having twins, to this very moment, here and now. I love being pregnant. I think one of the best parts is knowing my babies are right here with me all the time. So many people have shared with me that our boys will grow so fast and so I am embracing this time where I know exactly where they are at all times! This is the most easiest time ever to take care of them =P

My birthday was the other day and my awesome friends and family came over to celebrate with me. It was a lovely and chill evening. I was especially happy to celebrate with my BB (birthday buddy), C.A. We have the same birthday! It’s so much fun having that in common with her. This little munchin is growing up so fast and so beautifully. I can’t wait to see her interact and play with our boys.

My delicious cake! Yes, I am fully exercising my Queenship rights, effective immediately :)

My delicious cake! Yes, I am fully exercising my Queenship rights, effective immediately 🙂

Me & my BB!

Me & my BB!





The cake was yummy! It was from Coldstone (thanks, babe!) and made of cake batter ice cream, cookie dough ice cream (my fave), yellow cake, and chocolate shavings. We still have some leftover and I am going to eat a slice TONIGHT!


It’s your turn…

What’s your favorite cake? Ice cream?

What’s the weather going to be like this weekend where you live? It’s supposed to hit 105 degrees this Saturday. Yowch.

Week 26 & it’s June!!!

I’m so excited because… it’s my birth month!!! And it means we’re that much closer to SUMMER! My favorite season 🙂 ok, ok. The ultimate reason I’m absolutely ecstatic is because we are at 26 weeks today!!! I’m feeling the boys move more and more each day and I’m starting to notice them moving if I go from not talking or moving for a long time to suddenly talking to someone across the room or changing positions. It’s really an amazing feeling.

Well that’s all folks. No fun pictures, but stay tuned because something in the near future (cough, birthday gift from the parentals) will allow me to soon post pics a lot faster and more easily! (At last!)