Introducing… Mommy Talk!

At long last, “Mommy Talk” Series is here!

Mommy Talk Main Photo

“Mommy Talk” by sharissespieces 

Mommy Talk will be devoted to all things baby/mama/parenting through a collaboration of mamas (I elaborate below).

As much as I didn’t initially identify as a #momblogger, the higher blogging powers thought otherwise. While I will continue to write about random, fun pieces of my life, this new project of mine is really looking like the new direction of my blog.

I excited. Hope you are, too. Grab a cup of coffee – or a glass of wine (it’s 5 pm somewhere, right?) – and read on!

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Why I wanna blog and a cinnamon apples recipe!

Have you ever felt like your mind is racing a million thoughts a minute, yet you can barely move forward because you’re waist-deep in the business of the moment? That’s me right now.


What’s on my mind?

  • The boys
  • how they’re doing at daycare
  • what to cook for dinner
  • what to cook for the boys
  • meal planning, cleaning the house
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • work
  • working out
  • hanging out with my hubby
  • hanging out with the boys
  • hanging out with family and friends…

And all I want to do is just take pictures of life happening and blog about it! I know it’s not all about snapping the perfect photo and being able to write on a consistent basis. It’s most important to live in the moment and soak in the present. But I still want to blog!

Blogging to me is really a result of technology and social media. I’ve WRITTEN since I even knew how to hold a pencil. A few weeks ago, I was looking for something in my old room at my parents’ house and found one of my diaries! Blogging in hard copy at the age of nine!

I’ve always wanted to document my life and big events and milestones I experience. With getting pregnant and then expecting twins and now raising twin boys, I couldn’t NOT write about it and share my stories with others (at least those who want to listen!).


Stay tuned!

…a  new “Mommy Talk” Series is on its way!


In a few days (crossing fingers and toes), I’ll be making the first post of my all-new “Mommy Talk Series!” I am so excited for this little project of mine because it involves collaborating with other moms and mom-to-bes and not only sharing their stories with others, but learning a lot for myself! Becoming a mom has taught me so much about the basics: pregnancy, labor & delivery, raising twins, parenting… But it has also taught me what an amazing community there is for moms. Thanks to social media, there are online forums and Facebook groups. There are groups that meet in person and just moms who know each other growing up as friends or family and they get a lot closer because of sharing their new identities as mothers.

I can’t wait to begin this new project of mine. After talking to some moms who will help me out with the project, there is already a growing excitement for learning from each other and sharing stories and also commiserating with each other! Motherhood and parenthood are NOT something someone should go through alone. Having a significant other, family, or friends is absolutely vital to surviving and being able to enjoy such a life-changing event. Not that someone couldn’t do it alone, but the help and support and love from others is invaluable. I’m hoping to create a special place for mamas – new, seasoned, or prospective – to share with, laugh with, learn from, and help each other!

Grandparents Rock!

Speaking of help… Shoutout to my parents for their AH-MAZING help last night! Seriously in just one hour, they helped clear out all the dishes in my sink, including all the pots and pans on the stove, and cook a meal I’ve planned to make all day and was too tired to do it anymore. Yay, G-R-A-N-D-PA-R-E-N-T-S!

Thanks, mom!!!


Dad, I know you try. And you’re greatly appreciated. But those watermelon slices are too big!!!


And now for a quick homemade cinna-apples recipe!


Cinnamon Apples

Recipe inspired by Wholesome Baby Food



Gala, Fuji, or Honeycrips apples (as few or as much as you want, I usually prepare 3-5)



Peel*, core, and dice apples

*You may not have to peel if your baby is old enough to chew/digest peels. Wholesome Baby Food has some great apple info and advice.


Put apples in a pot with enough water to cover applies.

Bring water to a boil.

Reduce to a simmer and cook for about 15 minutes, stir occasionally.

Place in a bowl with a little bit of the excess water and mash, or put in a food processor or blender and puree to desired consistency.

Add a few dashes of cinnamon to taste.


Ta-da! The boys loved it and it freezes well! We had cinna-apples for dayssssss (and weeks!).

If you liked this recipe, check out more of my homemade baby food recipes!

Five Things Friday – #1

Happy Friday! If you’re a new reader, welcome! You can read more about me and this blog gig of mine here.

And whether you’re new or not, I have to point out two super cool new features about my blog…

#1) My blog is on Facebook!

I finally created a Facebook page for my blog! Hope you “like” it!


“Like” sharissespieces on Facebook!

Get it, “like” it? *nudge, nudge, wink wink* Go “like” my page now!

#2) New Blog Look!

My blog also has a new look – I call it my “serious” blog look. Don’t fret. My corny humor and candidness will still shine through, if not continue to be up front and center. I just love the timeless, crisp look of plain black on white. Took me a while to pick a theme and ended up with something called Truly Minimal. Very ironic for someone who can be very NOT-minimal! I’m all about excitement, flare, and sparkles!

Now for something FUN for FRIDAY! Five quick blurbs before I start the weekend…


~~~ Five Things Friday ~~~

#1: Sweet September

Fall is near! That means Apple Hill, pumpkins (carving/decorating > eating), boots, and colorful trees.


#2: Working out

You may have noticed I started working out again – gym + at home. Yeeeeeah, that’s working just (not) fine. At least I’m still playing volleyball!


#3: Coffee

Who noticed the salted caramel mocha is back at Starbucks? I did! *frantically waves both hands in the air*

Salted caramel mochas and pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas, OH MY!

Salted caramel mochas and pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas, OH MY!

#4: New project

I came up with this grand idea that involves collaboration with other moms. I have no idea how it’ll turn out, but I’m excited to share soon!


And, the BEST thing about this Friday…

#5: New laptop

I finally got a new laptop! My old one has been out of commission since BEFORE the babies were born. At long last, I don’t have to worry about stealing the hub’s laptop and can write freely. Perfect timing after I stumbled across this writing challenge that I am excited to tackle!

Don’t wanna work out… and green baby food


Do I have to get back into shape? For the LONGEST TIME (essentially since the boys were born), I’ve used the excuse of having twins to avoid working out extensively. Not only did I tell myself that I had three long months of strict bed rest, but I gave birth to twins! So instead of getting back to the gym or hitting the pavement once my doctor cleared me at six weeks, I just kept making excuses. Work, being tired, maintaining a house, caring for two infants… Granted, I did run once, play a bit of golf, and an entire season of recreational volleyball… But fast forward almost a year later and I have no excuse. It’s not about a bikini body or fitting into prepregnancy pants. It’s about HEALTH and being able to MOVE with my children without losing my breath or fearing I can’t keep up one day.


The following pictures are random stuff and updates. Scroll down to get straight to the baby food recipes!


I keep telling myself that this blogging gig may not last too much longer, but then I wouldn’t have a healthy outlet for my endless, random thoughts, nor would I have a convenient online journal-thing. I revived my favorite bloggers page in case you’re interested!

Celebrated my sister‘s birthday over the weekend! By the way, I’m really loving my new chalkboard!


How cute were they in their Hawaiian outfits from their Gramma and Granpa??? They are joined in this picture with the singing Jellybean Rabbit. My goodness, it’s hilarious when the rabbit sings and dances because the boys stop in the tracks and are mesmerized by him!


We ate at a restaurant and MY GOSH Jer screamed practically the entire time! My new nickname for him: Jerodactyl!!! We need to nip this NOW because we can’t have a crazy baby out in public. It’s one thing to deal with the screaming at home, but he is learning FAST that it gets him what he wants and it’s also amusing (at least to himself). Behavior therapy effective immediately.


New play pen is under construction! Adrian’s loving it. Both babies are crawling – it’s great, as well as tiring!



Adrian tends to hold toys and items in the air.
wpid-20140713_155340.jpg He also is working on his gymnastic skills.wpid-img_20140713_084712.jpg

He climbed up here himself.

Bathtime has upgraded from the little tub to a… fancy shmancy laundry basket! First day we tried it, they hated it. Second day, they hated it half the time. Third day, they would have begged for five more minutes if they could talk! It’s so fun seeing them splash around, but that means as we bathe them, we are in the splash zone!


Finding them like this in their cribs more often… I’m just waiting for the day they pull themselves up and we’ll know it’s time to lower that mattress! Jer (Camera 1) & Adrian (Camera 2):

wpid-20140712_055929.jpg wpid-20140712_055304.jpg

It’s nice being able to trust them to sit long enough for me to prepare food and whatnot. Here they are hanging in the kitchen as I prepared their breakfast over the weekend:

wpid-20140712_073726.jpg Yes, found em just like this: wpid-img_20140712_073707.jpg


Well, the homemade baby food saga continues!!! Here are two green “recipes” I’ve followed myself and had great success with. Again, I use the term “recipes” very loosely because they are hardly complicated! They are more like instructions to prepare baby food. But if you are like me, you want clear explanations and pictures in order to gain a foolproof method for yourself.

Asparagus Puree

From Tyler Florence’s Start Fresh


1 lb (10 medium stalks) asparagus, washed and tough stems removed

wpid-photogrid_1402075050058.jpg wpid-img_20140604_214919.jpg wpid-img_20140604_214950.jpg wpid-img_20140604_215229.jpg wpid-img_20140604_215352.jpg wpid-img_20140604_220212.jpg wpid-img_20140604_222006.jpg

Mashed Peas


One bag frozen peas


– Cook peas as directed on package (I boiled them)

– Drain peas and cool

– Mash in a mixing bowl (If baby is not ready for texture, puree with a little bit of added water. If baby is old enough, no need to mash at all!)

wpid-2014-06-15-20.15.07.jpg.jpeg wpid-20140615_203126.jpg

After I scooped some peas into small containers for daycare, I divided the rest into an ice cube tray. This is after it froze:


After it freezes, I pop the cube out and store em in a ziplock bag. It’s so easy to defrost or pop in a cube or two in whatever I am cooking (chicken soup, pasta, etc).



Check out more recipes on my Homemade Baby Food page! It’s a work in progress, but slowly growing!


Do you have foolproof baby food recipes? Please share! I’d love to try new ones.

Why The Hungry Runner Girl Rocks

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this video with you yet, but it’s always better late than never. The video was part of the husband’s gift to me for Christmas 2012. Remember me sharing the other gifts he got me? 😉 Anywho, knowing I was a growing fan of The Hungry Runner Girl and that I was really getting into running last year, the husband actually contacted HRG and she was sweet enough to create this video along with awesome words of encouragement to run. Thanks again, hubby, HRG, & HRG baby for making my day!

Funny story actually – while the hubby was contacting Janae to create the video, I was actually talking to Janae via e-mail AT THE SAME TIME! I had a blogging format question for her and she was helping me out, while also just chatting it up and talking about fun random things with me back and forth in various e-mails. Little did I know (ok, I didn’t know at all), the husband was telling Janae how funny it is that I was telling him all about how Janae is so cool and I love her blog and blah blah blah, all the while he was preparing the video. I find out later from Janae herself that she found it pretty funny, too.

So, if you don’t know by now exactly WHO this Hungry Runner Girl is and WHY she is amazing, go check out her blog now! If you do, you’ll find out yet another amazing reason why she rocks. She’s doing a Garmin 10 giveaway! Go check it out and enter now – it’s super easy. This is an awesome GPS watch for tracking mileage and she is giving away a purple one, which is the newest color it comes in. Remember my pink Garmin 10? I sure love that thing and would NOT mind at all having it in purple!

See ya next time… Quick update on the bump… it is seriously growing growing growing!!! I will be back with a new bump pic and more details on how things are going. Until then, here is my “hint, hint, nudge, nudge” that you won’t want to miss some surprising news in just a few days…


Are you a fan of certain running, healthy eating, or other personal blogs? Who are your favorites?

What’s the current weather like where YOU live? Still wintery, almost spring, full-on spring?