Getting by with humor and the nursery!


Humor. Lots and lots of humor.

My new lifeline.

“Forget the fallen sock. I gots me some coffee! Priorities, people!”


Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen:



How can we be sure, you ask? Check out our awesome organization! We’d literally be lost without it.

Type A? No, it's called BEING ORGANIZED!

Type A? No, it’s called BEING ORGANIZED!

A good sense of humor, along with a positive attitude, patience, and faith, has been helping us get through each day, especially tough moments when we are seriously running on empty, both babies are crying, and the chance to nap, eat, or even breathe doesn’t seem close by. But we do get through it. We figure out what the babies need. We finish washing all the bottles and pumping parts. We are able to inhale something close to nutrition (or chocolate cake). We finally approach the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel terrible for always venting and bringing up the hard parts about this new life of ours. Yes, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the boys (never a question) and we cannot explain the joy and happiness they bring us. But it is not without the labor and hardships we must endure in order to care for these little guys. They are helpless and need us entirely. WE are their people! It takes a lot out of us and we are drained. This is what gets us through:



Ok, quick updates from the past few days! 1, 2, 3… here we GO!

We brought the babies out to their first house party! It was a tough decision (mostly for me). First of all, it was not a real party. Just a small gathering and we knew every single person who would be there. It is so important to be careful of the people around the babies. They haven’t gotten their shots yet, they are still newborns, and they cannot afford to get sick. Luckily, it’s not wintertime yet, but nonetheless, we are constantly aware of who is around our babies and handling them. Anywho, we got out of the house more than two hours later than we had originally planned. We had to haul over a bunch of stuff. But we made it! And the boys got to meet their Ate C.A.! (Ate, pronounced ah-TEH, means older sister in Tagalog.)


Go Niners!


The boys and Ate C.A.

Check out this army we’ve got… an army of bottles! We are constantly washing. I feel like we need to just buy more bottles already, but I don’t want to be washing 30 bottles at a time. Keeping it to a minimum forces us to wash frequently and I like keeping the sink empty. Does it happen all the time, no way!

Army of bottles

Army of bottles

Can you spot my Starbucks cup? Keep on the lookout because I plan to try to sneak the cup in the background any chance I get =P If you wanna make me happy right now, please come bearing Sbux or boba 🙂


Adrian holding my face saying, “It’ll be OK, Mama”

The house is a MESS! Even though it is driving us crazy, check out the nursery! I was so excited to finally get started on it. We weren’t able to touch it during the pregnancy because I was on strict bed rest. We made TONS of progress. My parents bought the boys’ dresser and the hubs’ parents bought the cribs. We are also borrowing the glider from a cousin and it has been so nice to have. Loving the room so far! All that is left is a little decor and we’re done.

20130917181532010_20130917181929423See the lion in the middle of the animals? That is Kingy. He has been with us almost from the start. The hubs won him for me during our first trip to Vegas 🙂 When I find the picture I’m thinking of, I will add it to this post.

I always feel like I have a ton more to say. Until next time…


Tell me something!

~ How do you get through stressful/hard times? Do you use humor, your patience, or some other thing?

~ Are you the type to keep the sink clean of dishes? Or do you let them pile up?

~ Tell me anything! I am all baby these days, so I’d love to hear about what’s going on with the outside world 🙂



Two weeks already!


Our boys are two weeks old! They warned us time would fly. Both boys are making wonderful progress and we’re so proud of them. Jeremiah is looking like he’ll come home sooner. He got his feeding tube taken out today and is doing very well with his feedings! Adrian will need more time, but his medications are being reduced and he is so much more alert than before!


Look who came to visit today! The boys can’t wait till they can run around with C.A. After their visit, we all got our grub on at the Squeeze Inn! I’ll let the picture do all the talking:)


We miss our boys sooooooo much. It’s so hard saying goodbye at the hospital. They are so beautiful and perfect. I love them too much already!


Week 29 & Happy Summer!

2013-06-23 Week 29

Whiteboard: My sister!

Another week! Pushing through and getting by as my belly gets bigger! Compliments to my sister for preparing the whiteboard update this week 🙂 Yes, the babies reached 2.5 lbs according to our ultrasound this past week. It’s such a blessing to know they are growing at the same rate and that they are at the expected size for being 29 weeks. During our ultrasound, we are only given an estimate of weight. To get an idea of how long the babies are, I’ve seen varying estimates of length according to charts at the doctor’s office, books, and online references. The babies are anywhere from 11-17 inches. Quite a big window, so I’m not holding my breath for their size. Regardless, I want them to just keep on growing and getting bigger, healthier, and stronger!

Some fun updates from the week…

It is officially summer! My favorite season. I just love being in dresses and flip flops, going to the beach (I am long overdue for visiting one), feeling the sun on my skin… I won’t lie, I can get overheated and irritated by the heat as much as the next person. But for one thing, we have dry heat in this part of the country, unlike the wicked east (that’s where the hubs moved from) that has the added horror of humidity. Second, I would rather find nice, cool A/C and wear shorts and a tank instead of dealing with the wintertime and having to bundle up with 7 layers of clothing and still struggle to get warm!


The hubs gave me a manicure! It’s nice to know I have my own personal salon person who can do my toes and nails! He is actually really good, I might add. I may have found a way to save not just money, but the effort! Now if only he can cut hair…

Birthday boys: Jing & Tim, plus little C.A.

Birthday boys: Jing & Tim, plus little C.A.

Golf-themed cake!

Golf-themed cake!

We celebrated the hubby’s 33rd birthday this week! It was wonderful spending some needed quality time with him on his special day. Then we had friends come to the house for pizza and ice cream. Felt like a replica of my birthday celebration… The cake was super yummy and creative! It was a golf-themed cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.


Lastly, check out this halo in the sky!!! Turns out that this phenomenon is technically called a Sundog. (I already asked if a ring around the moon is a mooncat, but we don’t have confirmation on that just yet.) Something about diamond dust… the challenge was taking a picture of it without blinding yourself. I succeeded 🙂


It’s your turn!

What’s your favorite season and why?

Have you ever seen a cool phenomenon involving the sky? 

Favorite cake flavor? If you’re not a cake person, favorite dessert?

The Third Trimester!

We enter the third trimester this week! It’s incredible how far we’ve come, from finding out we are pregnant, to finding out we are having twins, to this very moment, here and now. I love being pregnant. I think one of the best parts is knowing my babies are right here with me all the time. So many people have shared with me that our boys will grow so fast and so I am embracing this time where I know exactly where they are at all times! This is the most easiest time ever to take care of them =P

My birthday was the other day and my awesome friends and family came over to celebrate with me. It was a lovely and chill evening. I was especially happy to celebrate with my BB (birthday buddy), C.A. We have the same birthday! It’s so much fun having that in common with her. This little munchin is growing up so fast and so beautifully. I can’t wait to see her interact and play with our boys.

My delicious cake! Yes, I am fully exercising my Queenship rights, effective immediately :)

My delicious cake! Yes, I am fully exercising my Queenship rights, effective immediately 🙂

Me & my BB!

Me & my BB!





The cake was yummy! It was from Coldstone (thanks, babe!) and made of cake batter ice cream, cookie dough ice cream (my fave), yellow cake, and chocolate shavings. We still have some leftover and I am going to eat a slice TONIGHT!


It’s your turn…

What’s your favorite cake? Ice cream?

What’s the weather going to be like this weekend where you live? It’s supposed to hit 105 degrees this Saturday. Yowch.

Here, Fishie Fishie!

Here’s my new favorite picture of us. Hubs tried to hint about the twins with his peace sign by my belly. 🙂 This was taken at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Folsom.

deleons 5

After our plans to visit Daffodil Hill fell through (closed for the 2013 season!!!), we and some friends somehow ended up first at A&W (you’ve GOT to check out the A&W at Folsom Palladio) and then at the Hatchery. Turned out to be a cool day! The Hatchery is this place where salmon eggs are hatched and then released into the wild. We toured the visitor center that was filled with information on salmon – from how they are bred and what they look like as babies to what their lives are like in the sea and some of the dangers they face out there. Then we bought some feed and fed the fish!

feeding fishies

“Here, Fishie Fishie!!!”

feeding fishies2

feeding fishies3

Too much fun with my BB (birthday buddy – our birthdays are on the same day!).


Super adorable, right? Yeah, I thought so.


Most precious of all was this photo… I love hearing her say, “two babies!”

two babies


In case ya missed it, check out my post on 18 weeks and the BIG BIG news HERE!


Have you ever been to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery or any other type of “fishie” place?

Have your plans ever fallen through, but then you end up doing something unexpected and the day is saved?

SF Giants Trophies and carne asada fries

Look who was excited to wait in line to see the SF Giants trophies… This little cutie patootie is C.A. She is way too adorable and smart for her age. She kept us entertained while we waited in line and she did very well being so patient.
The cutie and her mama even made it on our local paper’s blog! Good stuff, ladies 🙂