DIY Greeting Cards with Pointed Pen

What’s better than a handwritten note? A handmade card!

piecescalligraphy // greeting card in pointed pen

I just finished my largest order ever, a set of 25 greeting cards! The cards were written with pointed pen, specifically a Zebra G nib and Sumi ink. The cards were white smooth A2 cards & envelopes.

Here’s a close up of each card!

piecescalligraphy // greeting card in pointed pen

I love these motivational quotes.

piecescalligraphy // greeting card in pointed pen

So much so that I am very close to making them into larger prints!!!

piecescalligraphy // greeting card in pointed pen

You know, in my spare time… 🙂 🙂

piecescalligraphy // greeting card in pointed pen

What do you think? Which one’s your favorite? Let me know below!!!

piecescalligraphy // greeting card in pointed pen

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What I’ve been up to lately…


Well, hello there! It’s been a while!

I’ve had a gazillion (yes, that’s a word) things to do, so little coffee. And time.

To those of you who’ve recently inquired or commented about my blog – THANK YOU! Your thoughtfulness and support means the world to me.

So what’s new lately? In no particular order…

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A holiday shindig, mimosas, and an afro

What good are the holidays without spending time with friends, eating food, being merry, and…

Toasting with mimosas?!?!


I hosted an annual get together with some friends this year, which I named:

The Holly Jolly Shindig.

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Pinterest Inspired: A Rustic Winter-Themed Baby Shower

Oh, Pinterest.

Oh, how much I love you, and yet I hate you even more.

You’re addicting, time-consuming, overwhelming, and intimidating.

You summon my inner Martha Stewart, tempting me into believing all things are possible, force me to “pin” 3829 pins in one pinning session, when I told myself I’d only look for five minutes…

Why? Why are you so evil?!?! Look what you’ve done to us!!!

Rustic Winter Themed Baby Shower


“Rustic” had never even been in my vocabulary before this!!!

I was so honored to be a part of creating this gorgeous, festive, elegant baby shower. My good friend, Tiffany, is expecting a baby girl in March 2015 (yay!!!) and our other good friend, Johanna, hosted the baby shower. Between the two ladies, the event was amazingly decorated and well-thought out.

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Panera Bread and Holiday Gift Guides (5 on Friday)

This year is almost over?! Say what?!

So that explains why I am in clean-the-house-get-organized-finish-everything-christmas-is-almost-here-keep-moving-hurry-up mode!


So much to do, so little time. I want to send Christmas cards out already, finish decorating the tree, wrap up the gifts (pun intended), and get the house cleaned and ready for visitors!


I am also reminding myself that so long as we have our health and each other (family and friends), we truly have all we need. In reality, the best thing I can do for myself and my family is to do less stuff. (Although I really really really want to put away the Christmas décor boxes and not have to address another holiday card!!!)

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