The days are long, but the years are short


Adrian (l) and Jeremiah (r)


Adrian (l) and Jeremiah (r)

“The days are long, but the years are short.” I’ve been hearing and seeing this saying a lot, and especially since the boys were born. It’s ringing more true each moment that passes by.

The days are long: So far the boys have been home since this past Sunday, only a few days ago, and yet I feel like we’ve been running marathon after marathon on empty! Each day really feels long. My body aches and feels so fatigued that I tell myself the day must almost be over, and yet I glance at the clock only to find it’s 7:30 pm! Then I take on the night shift to relieve the hubs after he watched the boys during the beginning of the night and I can’t believe what I’m seeing on the clock then: 3 am… 4 am… 5 am… then the sun rises and I see 6 am… 7 am… I don’t mean to stare at the clock, but between feeding both boys, changing them, soothing them, and pumping that breast milk, I can only take a short nap before I have to wake up and do it all over again! It’s madness! I miss the days when they were in my belly, when all I had to really worry about was myself: resting and eating and sticking to that bed rest. Oh how I should have known how easy I had it! It would never again be so easy to care for these babies.

The years are short: Not to get ahead of myself, but I can already see why they say that the years are short. In fact, in just a few days, our boys will be a month old!!! I am already feeling sad at how fast they’re growing! Pretty much EVERYONE tells us how fast time flies and how much we’d better embrace these early moments because they are over so soon. At first it was so hard to believe people as they told us things get easier and soon we’ll miss these days. How can we believe them when our brains and bodies are telling us that we are insane for having to put in this much work and barely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? I get sad thinking my body will never catch up on sleep at this point. That I may not feel a restful night’s sleep for a long, long time. That even when I do get to sleep, my mind will never turn off because it is constantly thinking of the boys and their needs. But despite all of these complaints, I do not want to wake up and all of a sudden look back wondering where the time has gone. I do cherish each moment with this boys and embrace their small size, their needs, and these trying times. It’s such a bittersweet thing.


Some highlights of our week…


We made it outside of the house! Here’s the hubs pushing our DOUBLE FRAME STROLLER to the doctor’s office! It was such an endeavor to pack the diaper bag, double check that we had everything, and actually make the visit there and back home! Luckily, the office is so close to home so the trip was not too bad. The part we worried about the most was feeding and changing the boys while we are out. But we survived!


The boys cooling down because the heat was extreme! They were both sweating in their carseats 😦 So sorry, babies!!!


The hubs having fun “juggling” two babies!


Adrian at his pediatrician’s visit!


Jeremiah at his pediatrician’s visit!

We are so thankful for the helping hands we have among us. Mom, Dad, and sister have been such lifesavers, allowing us to take much needed naps, reminding us to EAT, and giving us breaks to just get away from the boys and re-establish some normalcy in our lives. Here’s Adrian with Auntie Ninang! 🙂



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