First Father’s Day, a Reunion, and a Few Recaps

The time has come. Keeping up the blog is now really hard for me to do. I’ve been super busy at work, planning the boys’ first birthday party (can you believe they’re turning ONE soon? I cannot), and THIS:


That is my high school class during our senior year. Our ten year reunion is this year! As lead of the planning committee, my days have been filled with keeping the team on track, publicizing the event, and fundraising. Whew! Thank goodness it only happens once a decade. I’ve looked forward to my ten year reunion for a long time, but now with kids, full-time work outside of the home, and a house to maintain, this sure is some task!

The hubs had an awesome first Father’s Day! It was simple and sweet. He is one proud papa!

One thing about twins you have to know is that, “If it isn’t one, it’s the other!” Here’s what I mean:


It’s so hard to get both boys looking at the camera, let alone smiling. You take what you can get!

Here are the boys with my dad on Father’s Day. They love their Granpa very much! We went to a yummy Filipino restaurant in town, followed by boba at a new spot!


All three of us enjoy eating so much these days! The boys are eating very well. It’s so awesome to feed them good food. I’ll add recipes I used for the boys’ food because I want other moms to realize how easy it is to prepare food at home. It’s time-consuming at first, but with great planning and organization, it benefits not only the babies, but the entire family!


They are used to sitting in their high chairs and can feed themselves if I give them fruit slices (apples/pears) or their new favorite, Baby Mum Mums! Thanks, Auntie Heather, for telling us about them and thanks, Ninang/Auntie Melissa and Ate Cristina, for getting them for us!


I have so much to update, I don’t know where to begin! Let’s start with the most important for now. We’re still doing our Boba Fridays!!! The boys can’t get enough and we don’t want to deny them happiness:


We celebrated Ate Cristina’s 4th birthday earlier in the month! You may have seen on my Instagram (@sharissespieces6) a video clip of the boys enjoying one of the rides at Chuck E Cheese. Let me just say, CUTEST THING EVER!!! Here’s our family picture at one of the cool stations. How neat is this? It appears like it’s pencil-drawn:


I can’t help but share the video. I love how they’re so into grabbing the steering wheel. If you look closely, Adrian’s (left) face is so adorable as he makes a “Yikes!” face!

Since I have too much to update, I’ll save them for another day and just add this picture collage. We attended my friend, Bernard’s, show last night, The Producers! It was hilarious and clever and we witnessed some amazing talent! Here we are with Carmen Ghia (“He had a stroke!” and Leo Bloom (OCD much). They were fabulous!!! I enjoy watching shows and especially love supporting our local theater. Can’t wait for the next one!




Did I ever mention Bernard has been my friends since the 1st grade? He’s also on our high school reunion planning committee. How awesome is that?!

Gosh, the countdown has already begun to the boys’ big first birthday. Looking back at how tiny they were and how big and grown they are now really tugs at my heartstrings!!! Time sure does fly.

Week 28 & Father’s Day

2013-06-16 Week 28

Whiteboard credit: The Hubby!

28 weeks! And yes, the twins were estimated a few days ago to be around 2.1 lbs EACH!!! We’re so proud of them and happy they are developing normally and at the same rate. Being at 28 weeks, we’ve reached a really crucial milestone, or “mini-goal” as I like to call em. We want to keep the babes cookin’, but at least they have made major developments in their brains and lungs up to this point. According to my Pregnancy Journal and What to Expect books, the babes’ brains are as developed as a full-term fetus (wow!). The remaining weeks are filled with more growth and development in other areas, mainly weight and size. Looking at myself in the mirror, I can’t imagine how much more my tummy can stretch and how much more weight I can lug around! It’s been quite the journey and pretty amazing seeing how much my tummy has grown throughout my pregnancy.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad!!! He is a wonderful dad simply by loving me, alway wanting what’s best for me, and doing all he can to make me happy. I love him so much and am glad to give him grandbabies in the near future! 🙂

sister - dad - me

sister – dad – me

And to the Father-to-Be in my life… Happy soon-to-be-Father’s Day to my number 1 babe! He has already done so much to help clean up around the house and prepare for the babies. He cares so much about the boys already and it is evident in everything he does. I’m blessed to have him in my life.