The twins at 3 months

Three months! (Adrian - L, Jeremiah - R)

Three months! (Adrian – L, Jeremiah – R)

Age: 3 months


Adrian at three months!

Adrian at three months!

Adrian Joseph

Stats: 13.1 lbs, 1 foot 11 inches

Wearing: Still 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers

Favorites: staring at light fixtures and windows, the activity mat and teddy bears hanging from the Pack N Play

Least favorites: tummy time!

Signature moves: high pitched cry/scream, grunting and bearing down from head to toe, a really big FROWN when he’s sad! and pushing himself away/off of you as you hold him, sleeps with arms in touchdown position or spread apart, holding hair behind head with one hand, “standing: on your lap when you hold him up

Mom’s proudest moment: getting very good at nursing, his growing alertness and smiles

Dad’s proudest moment: his (big) appetite, being chill and not having tantrums (those were the hub’s own words)

Other milestones: starting to smile, coo, and react to us talking to him, kicking off of us while holding him


Jeremiah at three months

Jeremiah at three months

Jeremiah Tyler

Stats: 12.9 lbs, 1 foot 11 inches(TBD – doctor visit in one week! But they must be at least 13 lbs each by now…)

Wearing: Still 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers

Favorites: being held, activity mat and teddy bears hanging from the Pack N Play

Least favorites: tummy time, second half of feedings (cries for more food, but makes it difficult to feed him the rest)

Signature moves: crying really loud (“big boy cry”), making funny froggy faces, strong kicks, “standing: on your lap when you hold him up, holding hair behind head with one hand

Mom’s proudest moment: better at nursing, how much he “talks”

Dad’s proudest moment: more reactions talking to him, pushing off of boppy during tummy time

Other milestones: continuing to smile, “talk,” and react to us


I absolutely cannot believe how big they are. They’ve grown so much!!! If you want to see how far they’ve come along, check them out at One Month and at Two Months!

We’re still tired and sleep-deprived, but we’re loving our boys so much! They are so much more interactive and social. No longer do they just stare blankly into space. No, they are engaged and focused on our faces. They are trying to understand and organize the amazing world around them. They respond to voices and to noise. They follow our movement across the room with their eyes and even turn their heads. They are getting loud. Oh, they are loud. I thought Adrian was done with his high pitch screams, but just the other day, they were still very much there during a diaper change. You would think I was torturing the boy! And Jeremiah. He goes from 0 to 60 in one second! It’s amazing how loud he has gotten. I call it his “big boy” cry. He really yells! You can have a bottle right in front of his face and he still cries like you’ve abandoned him for good. We don’t like listening to our boys cry, but even if they are loud and make us tense, they are so cute! Adrian has a real frown, like it’s not just a pout. It’s an upside-down smile. Jer sort of “talks” through his cries. I sometimes imagine he words he’s saying such as, “C’mon people! It’s only a bottle of milk every three hours!” or “Where did you go? I’m much fun to play with and you walked away!” These boys are getting so big and we are trying our best to savor each minute and keep up with their increasing needs. It’s a lot of work and it’s so worth it.


I really need to post more often so that I don’t bombard you with a gazillion pictures. Hope you don’t mind:) Thankfully, I have my handy dandy smartphone and an APP called Photo Grid, which helps me put together really nice collages in seconds. Consolidation!

I’m sad that it’s come to weekly posts (if that). But the same time, I am glad I manage to get something new every so often. I know it will be great to look back at this journey of ours. Now onto the update…

We made it through one whole month since the hubs returned to work! Hooray! We survived!!! It’s super hard to hold them both at once. I could never do it standing, but I will do it while on the floor or on a bed.


So grateful, as always, for the help from my family, especially my sister! She really is the best with the boys. I love seeing her interact and take care of them.


Here’s a peek at some of the things that go on during our days…

The boys in their jammies! Love seeing these smiling faces. They are seriously what get you through the day.


Tummy time! I need to increase the length of time on their tummies. It’s such an easy thing to do and yet time slips by and I forget to do it! Both boys are really good with holding their heads up if you put them onto your body facing you while you are at an incline (such as on the couch). However, they do not like being completely flat on their tummies! But tummy time is good for strengthening their neck muscles, which in turn prepares them for… crawling! (yikes, not yet!)


Some brother time each day. It’s SUPER important to me. Look, they’ve got fist-pumping down!


Here are those teddy bears they love. They hang from their Pack N Play.  I’ll shake the bears a little bit or make them “talk.” It’s so amazing what kind of sounds come out of your mouth and what kind of pitches you reach just to entertain your baby.


Adrian loves staring at our wedding canvas above the fireplace. The hubs says, “maybe he’ll be an artist!”


They boys nap all around the clock. It’s super hard to get them to nap at the same time, let alone for the same amount of time. If I’m lucky, I’ll get maybe 20-30 minutes to myself (it’s not even being selfish, I have to pump, wash bottles, eat, or just use the restroom in that time!).

2013-11-01 14.20.50

The day seems long…


…but before we know it, Papa is home! It’s the absolute number one joy in my heart to see my husband playing with our children.


This past weekend was Hannah Lei’s first birthday party! It was WAY TOO CUTE how Hannah reacted when taking pictures with the boys. In her mama’s words, she was SMITTEN! Do you see the way Adrian is looking at Hannah? Uh ooh! Trouble already!!!


We got to celebrate the boys’ first Halloween!!! First they rocked the super cool onesies from their Auntie Abby & Uncle Will.


Oh how I love silence in the house when both boys are asleep. It is music to my ears…


My mama (Granma) and my sister (Auntie Ninang). They came over with last-minute decorations and candy so we could pass out to trick-or-treaters for the first time from our house!


The boys in their costumes! Introducing, Jer Bear and Sharky Jr.!!! We have come up with the nickname, “Jer Bear,” for a long time now. It seemed super fitting to dress him up as a little bear. As for Adrian, a lot of folks say he looks like me and the hubs’ nickname for me when we were dating was “Sharky.” So a shark he was!PhotoGrid_1383276660594

Are they the cutest or what?