My mantra from now on

I stumbled across something A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. When I found it, I felt as if the clouds opened up and the light came shining down. It spoke to my obsession with passion for organizing, cleaning, and scheduling. It’s! Alejandra is this amazing gal who shares all of her organizing and cleaning tips and secrets on her website. I first found out about her at, another website I love!

I have always had a thing for all things that have to do with organizing and creating systems that create a sense of order (or at least a less chaotic and cluttered space). My excitement is evident in my hoarding collection of post-its, office supplies, colored pens and other writing utensils, baskets/bins, and other storage/organization-type items. So you can imagine how happy I was to find a website that contained so many cool ideas, tricks, and tips in one place. I feel as if Alejandra puts my ideas and goals into tangible and effective steps that are easy (and fun! at least I think so) to follow. I signed up for her free three-video starter series and already felt good following the tip in video #1. I recommend checking it out, especially if you feel you could benefit from making your home or space more organized, cleaner, and less cluttered!

This finding is very timely for me, specifically because I want to take advantage of the few weeks I have left before the babies arrive to organize and clean as much as possible. I know life will be crazy once they’re here, but if I can just make some improvements and steps in the right direction before they get here, I will be a happy camper!

There are a ton of things I could share from Alejandra’s website, but the only one I will talk about here (at least for now =P) is this quote:


I’ve decided that this will be my MANTRA from now until the rest of my pregnancy! I have a to-do list that seems endless, but in order to get anything done, I really just have to start knocking them out one by one! I am getting really anxious about the babies being here soon and it’s hard to remember I am human and can only do so much. On the contrary, I think I am a superhero who not only can do everything, but can do everything perfectly. The big problem with this thinking is that I am so wrong! I do not have superpowers, I cannot do everything, and I won’t be able to do everything perfectly. Something I have been told a long time ago is that we should always strive for greatness, not perfection. I can do this!!! 🙂 Just as we are taking each day at a time, I need to take each task one at a time and remember that no matter what, I will never be 100% prepared for parenthood anyway, so why put so much pressure on myself?!


Can’t end this blog post w/o some cool pictures (mainly of food, what else?). Here’s our meal at Panera Bread after one of our appointments last week. I am so proud of myself for finishing the entire spinach “power” salad. The best part was that I didn’t have to ask them to hold anything – usually I am finding myself saying hold the tomatoes, or onions, or some other thing I am picky about. But everything on this salad was delicious! I believe if was onion strings, spinach, mushrooms, bacon, diced boiled eggs, and a very yummy onion honey mustard dressing of some sort. Anyway, the only other thing I really wanted was a frozen lemonade, but someone else (I won’t name names) had eyes bigger than his stomach and ordered not just a panini, but a big kids grilled sandwich! I have to admit though – three types of cheese + bacon on bread is an amazing combo! Glad I got to have a bite 🙂



The parentals visited the other night and Dad brought these grapes that he grew himself! Yes, they are organic grapes from his own backyard! I remember the first time he told me that he had a vineyard and it was hard for me to believe. But I saw it for myself – he has three vines (his backyard isn’t the hugest) and here is the harvest! (Is it right to call that a harvest?) I am so proud of him and the grapes were really yummy. Might I mention they look really pretty, too?



Lastly, I wanted to share my very chill Sunday… nails did (thanks to the hubs… again!), feet up, and watching Dreamgirls! Have you seen that movie? I never had and I was glad to finally see it (well, I still have the second half to watch. I didn’t realize how long it is!). I love J. Hud and Beyonce already. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie!


Week 29 & Happy Summer!

2013-06-23 Week 29

Whiteboard: My sister!

Another week! Pushing through and getting by as my belly gets bigger! Compliments to my sister for preparing the whiteboard update this week 🙂 Yes, the babies reached 2.5 lbs according to our ultrasound this past week. It’s such a blessing to know they are growing at the same rate and that they are at the expected size for being 29 weeks. During our ultrasound, we are only given an estimate of weight. To get an idea of how long the babies are, I’ve seen varying estimates of length according to charts at the doctor’s office, books, and online references. The babies are anywhere from 11-17 inches. Quite a big window, so I’m not holding my breath for their size. Regardless, I want them to just keep on growing and getting bigger, healthier, and stronger!

Some fun updates from the week…

It is officially summer! My favorite season. I just love being in dresses and flip flops, going to the beach (I am long overdue for visiting one), feeling the sun on my skin… I won’t lie, I can get overheated and irritated by the heat as much as the next person. But for one thing, we have dry heat in this part of the country, unlike the wicked east (that’s where the hubs moved from) that has the added horror of humidity. Second, I would rather find nice, cool A/C and wear shorts and a tank instead of dealing with the wintertime and having to bundle up with 7 layers of clothing and still struggle to get warm!


The hubs gave me a manicure! It’s nice to know I have my own personal salon person who can do my toes and nails! He is actually really good, I might add. I may have found a way to save not just money, but the effort! Now if only he can cut hair…

Birthday boys: Jing & Tim, plus little C.A.

Birthday boys: Jing & Tim, plus little C.A.

Golf-themed cake!

Golf-themed cake!

We celebrated the hubby’s 33rd birthday this week! It was wonderful spending some needed quality time with him on his special day. Then we had friends come to the house for pizza and ice cream. Felt like a replica of my birthday celebration… The cake was super yummy and creative! It was a golf-themed cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.


Lastly, check out this halo in the sky!!! Turns out that this phenomenon is technically called a Sundog. (I already asked if a ring around the moon is a mooncat, but we don’t have confirmation on that just yet.) Something about diamond dust… the challenge was taking a picture of it without blinding yourself. I succeeded 🙂


It’s your turn!

What’s your favorite season and why?

Have you ever seen a cool phenomenon involving the sky? 

Favorite cake flavor? If you’re not a cake person, favorite dessert?