5 things I wish my preemie babies would know

It’s Prematurity Awareness Day and I want to cry and celebrate at the same time.

My tears are for every baby who has ever been born too early, for every parent who has unexpectedly welcomed a baby too soon, and for every NICU nurse fighting for these tiny soldiers.


My joy is from how proud I am of my own two premies for being brave and strong, and being a source of pure happiness and inspiration.


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8 things I never thought I’d say as a mom

Before I became a mom, my visions of motherhood closely resembled rainbows and butterflies and ponies prancing around my darling children in a meadow.

Ok, maybe not that whimsical, but my expectations were not far off.


[Oh, when life was much simpler…]

Then I got pregnant.

And then I gave birth.

And then there were two little monkeys staring at me, waiting for my next move.

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Meet the Moms! (Mommy Talk)

Meet the wonderful moms behind my new Mommy Talk series!

Their stories not only excite me, they overwhelm me. It is an honor to talk with these women on a new level, where all things pregnancy, motherhood, and baby are not only freely and enthusiastically shared, they are normalized.

Mommy Talk by SharissesPieces

Mommy Talk by SharissesPieces

Each of these women has had their own unique experiences and yet there are definite similarities woven in between their journeys through motherhood.

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Introducing… Mommy Talk!

At long last, “Mommy Talk” Series is here!

Mommy Talk Main Photo

“Mommy Talk” by sharissespieces 

Mommy Talk will be devoted to all things baby/mama/parenting through a collaboration of mamas (I elaborate below).

As much as I didn’t initially identify as a #momblogger, the higher blogging powers thought otherwise. While I will continue to write about random, fun pieces of my life, this new project of mine is really looking like the new direction of my blog.

I excited. Hope you are, too. Grab a cup of coffee – or a glass of wine (it’s 5 pm somewhere, right?) – and read on!

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The most important thing to do as a mom of littles

Right now, your days are long. But the years are short. What you are doing-the burping, the diapering, the chasing, these days matter. Love is not wasted. Loving your babies is the most important thing you can do right now.


I read a lot of stuff online. It’s not always the stuff I feel like I should be reading, but it’s almost the most pertinent to my current life circumstances or things that I foresee in my near future. For the longest time, that “stuff” has been anything and everything related to pregnancy, motherhood, and baby. I’m talking about online articles, blogs, my health plan’s online resources, books, magazines, mailings, and more.

Whenever I stumble across a great read, I feel a sudden urge to share what I’ve learned with someone, at least someone who I know can definitely benefit from it. One of those reads is the following article: “Dear Moms of Littles.” I wish I found this blog post earlier when the boys were first born, when everything was rough and all about survival. But the material still applies, and I just hope it can brighten another fellow new-mom’s day and lighten her load even by a few ounces.

Time really does fly, no matter how slow each day feels. It’s just that you don’t realize it flies when you’re up 3-4 times a night, or even every hour of the night. You don’t think time moves at all when your baby won’t stop crying and you’re all alone and you seriously have tried everything you know possible to calm him or her down. You don’t think the light is at the end of the tunnel when you’re running off choppy, restless sleep, you’re fatigued and exhausted, you don’t have any connection with the outside world, and all you want to do is take ten minutes to yourself. There will be times that you question whether or not you were made for this

But I promise you, one day it will click.

One day, you’ll realize that you’ve got this. You will survive and you will get through all the challenges of today in order to see a better tomorrow. After months of devoting whole self – mind, soul, and body – to another human being, you’ll find yourself again.

Hang in there, mama. Your little one needs you.

Special shout out to my parents and my husbands’ parents for being awesome grandparents. Happy Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents' Day!

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

Motherhood: Feeling good about yourself again

A fellow first-time mama expressed how she felt unattractive and such a Plain Jane.”

She was worried about losing weight, looking good for her husband, and finding confidence in herself again. She asked if any other mamas had similar feelings.

Here’s how I responded:

Can relate completely. When your hair is falling out, you’re sporting eye bags and milk stains, and you would rather sleep than take a shower, how are u ever supposed to feel good again?

Then I tell myself, all that soft flab turned mush bc of the 3 mos strict bed rest I endured to give my babies a fighting chance to survive. Those sleepy eyes have passed on precious sleep to tend to, care for, and soothe your darling babies. And those showers dont matter because your one and only mission is to pump, take care of babies, and nourish yourself so you can go on another day.

Don’t worry, mama. The time will come when you can do ur hair, take a nice,
long hot shower, go shopping, and sleep long enough for a restful face. But until then, trust me when I say, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!'” If you dont feel it or no one else tells you, just know ur little one has known that from the start. Ok, my novel is over! 🙂


Believe me when I say that in those beginning weeks and months, I did not know when I could feel like ME again. It was a treat to get out of my PJs and brush my teeth. I barely had time to brush my hair, let alone wash it, so I threw it up in a messy bun ALL. THE. TIME. My “uniform” became capris, loose tops, and the hair bun. When I left the house, I contemplated whether the spit up stains and dirt on my clothes could be seen from 5 feet away; if the answer was no, I did not need to change.


***TMI WARNING!!!***

It is pretty gross being a first-time mom in the beginning.

You’re recovering from pregnancy: MONTHS of your body being stretched and a growing baby.

You’re recovering from labor and delivery: Some women go hours and days of the ultimate, grueling effort one’s body could ever endure.

And you try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to recover from the lack of sleep and rest, but you never seem to catch up (and I am afraid I’ve heard long-time parents who say you NEVER catch up).


I may never again feel 100% like my “old self.” But already I feel stronger, happier, and more beautiful, simply because I brought two lives into this world and their happiness and health fuel me every single day.

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll continue to say it. From surviving to thriving, there IS light at the end of that long, dark tunnel, and I’m ecstatic to finally say I am literally prancing around in that sunshine. (Gosh, I am such a SAP!!!:)


I was afraid to post so many pictures of ME, because I truly believe life is no longer about me and it is about the boys. But that would be a mistake to forget about myself and putting myself first.

To all my fellow mamas out there, celebrate yourselves! Look in the mirror and realize what an amazing, strong, confident, gorgeous person you are. Yes there are trials and times you want to give up. But try your best to be happy more than sad, and always choose joy.

After all, happy mama = happy babies!!!




The boys recently turned ONE! Check out their one-year update here!