Poor baby!


Jer got sick the other day and had to be picked up from daycare. He threw up once at daycare and had a fever and then he threw up again with me at home. The poor thing was exhausted. It was bittersweet because even though it broke my heart to see him hurting, I enjoyed the one-on-one time. We were able to play and cuddle alone and I could rock him to sleep longer than I would normally be able to because usually there is another baby to juggle!

Here’s the little one right when I picked him up from daycare:


Once we got home, he fell asleep in my arms as I was preparing him a bottle. The boys don’t fall asleep in our arms so easily any more. I really miss those days.


He woke a little bit to drink his bottle and he finished it…

I laid him down next to me on the couch so I could pump. He seemed peaceful at first… then he began to fuss… then the poor baby threw up his entire bottle he just ate! I felt horrible:(


After I cleaned him and changed his clothes, I held him until he fell asleep. This time, he was really knocked out.


Then Auntie Ninang (my sister – Ninang is not her name, it means Godmother in Ilocano) visited and look how this little bear reacted! He just lit up with her!


(By the way, HOW ADORABLE is Jer’s face on her shoulder? I melted.) I gave him the evil eye for only perking up with his Auntie, but I was very glad his spirits were back up. Plus, my sister not only brought the pedialyte he needed per doctor’s orders, she brought me boba!!! (THANKS, SIS.) I poured my drink into this mason jar because I almost always order my boba HOT these days and the cup it is in is usually solid (unlike the clear ones for cold drinks). So I wanted to show off my drink… and I’m just fancy like that.


Who is this kid???


Jer Bear @ 8 months

Seeing the babies get sick is never a fun thing. So many people tell me getting sick is a “good thing” because they are building their immune system. But it’s hard to see our sick leave at work being depleted (we are trying hard to build up a nice solid bank of sick leave because you never know what could happen in the future) and it’s scary not knowing if the other baby will catch the sickness or even ourselves, which, by the way, makes it even all the more difficult to take care of sick babies on top of ourselves! However, we get through it as we manage to do everything else and we’re always stronger than before!