Teething is so much fun!

…said no parents ever.

It’s heartbreaking! Seeing your babies in discomfort and pain, having fevers, and being extra clingy and fussy… It’s all bad!


I will admit that I am loving the extra cuddling. But the clinginess can get too much 😦 I have been warned to enjoy these kinds of moments because one day the boys will not want to hang out with me that much, but boy is it exhausting.


Luckily, the reason for their fevers is teething alone. No infections or viruses over here.

By the way… I PERFECTED THE PINK PASTA RECIPE!!! Yes, all caps were needed. I cannot believe I forgot the magic ingredient, which I’m so nice to share with you… Italian sausage!!! I updated the recipe, so check it out! (I also switched the regular diced tomatoes to petite diced tomatoes and I ate EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. If you know me, you’ll know I don’t like tomatoes in their regular form. I only will usually eat sauces and ketchup, but I’ll pick out every tomato that is “identifiable” in my meal.)


What happens when the babies have these low-grade (not so serious) fevers? They get to hang out in their diapers all day!


The boys love reading their books… as well as eating them…


We’ve stepped into the realm of YOUTUBE for mealtime. I was very hesitant doing this, but in addition to being desperate for a good distraction to keep them seating for long enough to finish their meals, I am also an advocate for educational shows like Sesame Street!


They watched the Elmo Brushing teeth song and loved it.


When the boys were feeling better later in the day, I put them in their sweet new ride! A jeep from Ninang/Auntie Marie & the boys!


I had scary visions of them as 16-year-olds behind the wheel. Eek, thank goodness that is still 15 years from now. (wow!)


Haha… can’t reach the pedal yet… But that means mommy has to push them around. Darn!


Got a drummer in the house! Found JerBear sorta drumming with some rings and a bucket!



By the way, I’m writing this right now because the hubs brought the boys out on a wagon ride. It’s become the new thing after the boys eat dinner and right before they take baths. I love my boys, but I’ll take any chance I get to have a quiet, calm house all to myself!!!


Go Niners, Pink Pasta Recipe, and Random Updates

I used to write to-do lists before starting the day. Now I write chalkboards.


Go Niners! First game at the new stadium today! These pictures are old, but still good ones!


wpid-2014-08-17-09.50.24.png.png wpid-2014-08-17-09.51.08.png.png

The boys are getting bigger. Don’t worry. I tell them every day to stop it.wpid-20140813_111246.jpg

I’m telling you, they’re the ones begging for boba every day. I have to limit it to once a week.


The sister and I braved the challenge of bringing the boys out to eat. It went well! a bit stressful and tiring, but we made it without a meltdown! wpid-20140814_113123.jpg

These sticky placemats were AWESOME. We could sprinkle some puffs and baby cheetos (they’re not really cheetos, don’t worry) on the mat and the boys could feed themselves. Adrian loves pho. He can eat anything.wpid-20140814_113247.jpg

Then we hung out outside of the restaurant. So hard to get both boys smiling so this was the best picture!


Here are some funny faces Adrian made while I was trying to get a picture of the boys.


After we tried putting the boys down for their afternoon nap, we found them like this. Cute you say? Well if you were there, you’d say STINKY! The boy had poopy diapers which prevented them from napping, but they were happy campers anyway. Silly boys.


We went to a local baseball game last week. Fun! Can’t wait to bring the boys.


Look who was at the game!!! wpid-20140812_200852.jpg


I usually don’t do this, but I created something without a recipe! A co-worker shared a quick and easy pasta recipe and I just had to try it. I’m calling it: Pink Pasta. This dish is nice because the sauce is fairly light, which works out for someone like my mom who is not a big fan of red sauces.

Pink Pasta


Pasta (I used shells, but would love to use bow-tie next time)

1 lb Italian sausage (I got the fresh one that looks like ground beef, not in the casing)

5-6 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 onion, diced

Half pint heaving whipping cream

One can diced tomatoes (preferable PETITE diced, but regular works, too)

Red chili pepper flakes


Cook pasta according to package directions.

Heat oil in a medium sized skillet. Saute garlic and onion until onion is translucent.

Add Italian sausage. Cook until cooked through, about 10 minutes.

Add whipping cream and diced tomatoes (do not drain tomatoes). Simmer for 12-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Add pasta and a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Mix well. Simmer another 5 minutes.

Add sea salt and additional red pepper flakes to taste.




How was it? I really liked it, although  it was missing something. Hubs and I agreed it should have had chicken! I also am not a fan of tomatoes so I’m glad I enjoyed the meal. I did pick out the tomatoes though, whoops! I also want to add some CHEESE next time. I think it’ll be FABULOUS after the addition of chicken & cheese.

See more of my recipes HERE!


Your turn to share!!!

~What dish have you created (or imitated) without exact measurements and directions?

~What is a go-to dish that you’ve mastered over time and don’t need to refer to a recipe anymore?