The Preemie Life

In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month (one day late, whoops!), here is a guest post from a twin preemie mom, Lian! Her ADORABLE babies were born 7 weeks early and they are now healthy and beautiful at 4 months old. This post has touched me deeply, particularly because I can relate to all of Lian’s experiences being a  preemie mama with babies in the NICU and the scares and worries of bringing home preemies. Read on for more about her life as a preemie mom! 

chilipinomiracles - raising twin preemies

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5 things I wish my preemie babies would know

It’s Prematurity Awareness Day and I want to cry and celebrate at the same time.

My tears are for every baby who has ever been born too early, for every parent who has unexpectedly welcomed a baby too soon, and for every NICU nurse fighting for these tiny soldiers.


My joy is from how proud I am of my own two premies for being brave and strong, and being a source of pure happiness and inspiration.


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