Homemade Ball Pit and a Fruit Mash Up

My babies are almost one!!! I was warned time would fly, but it was hard to believe it. When you’re running off 4-5 hours of choppy sleep, up 2-3 times during the night, tending to two newborns ALL-DAY-LONG, you don’t even think the light at the end of the tunnel is around the corner. You feel trapped in a deep, dark abyss called first-time-parenthood-to-twins and you just fight to survive while praying for the sun to come up!!! Sorry if this sounds super depressing, but those first few months are ROUGH. The great news is, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel! It started to make an appearance for me personally when the babies could reciprocate smiles and laughter. As much as you can love a newborn, those challenges in the beginning are very trying and it takes a little while before you can enjoy being a parent. For those parents out there with newborns, check out these great reads here and here and here that helped inspire me and support me in terms of being a mom, parent, and just getting through the beginning!

wpid-img_20140722_081100.jpgHere’s a glimpse at how I get to blog:


Yeah, they were knocked out. wpid-20140721_090220.jpg How cute that their got all cozy next to each other?


Homemade ball pit!!! How cool is this?! We ordered these ball pit balls and threw them into the pack-n-play. Instant success! See video for proof. I was concerned about the price of the balls, but when a fellow mom told me her 2.5 year old twins STILL love them, I was sold.


They LOVED it!!!

How funny is this? Coffee and water for mommy, bottles and straw cups for babies.


Costco shopping carts for the win! They boys lasted about 2/3 of the store. I had more on my list to buy, but since we ended up having to carry them, we headed straight for check out. There’s something hilariously ridiculous about carrying a baby (or two) while pushing a shopping cart designed to hold them both.

Nice shot of the boys playing together:

Last Friday’s boba trip. Jer couldn’t believe the bill even though we get the same thing every single week.

wpid-20140721_175854.jpg wpid-20140721_181246.jpg

Can you believe Prince George turned one??? I remember watching Will and Kate’s first appearance with baby George while I was on bed rest. I almost cried at the time. Re-watching the clip made me feel happy for them and bittersweet that babies really do grow so fast! Something about how humble and accessible this couple is, despite their high rankings. They seem extremely down-to-earth and I wish I could meet them! Plus, Kate’s wardrobe is AMAZING.

Here’s another “recipe” I want to share! I was proud of myself because even though this “recipe” is not completely ingenious, I did come up with the idea spontaneously. I basically needed to do something with the pears I steamed and wanted to mix up the flavor for the boys. I knew pears and blueberries went well together, thanks to Wholesome Babyfood.

Pear and Blueberry Mash Up


3-4 pears (I prefer to use organic Bartlett, but these were whatever I found at the grocery store)

1-2 cups organic blueberries


wpid-20140723_214427.jpgThoroughly wash fruits.

Core pears and slice into 1 inch pieces. Steam for 15-20 minutes or until tender.


Place in food processor or blender and puree to desired consistency. Since the boys are almost one, I don’t worry about the skin any more, so long as it is chopped (not offering a whole blueberry because it is still a choking hazard).


The results resembled an applesauce consistency.


One thing I noticed is that after putting the fruits in the fridge, it solidifies a bit to resemble a very firm jello consistency. I thought it would remain like applesauce, but it may be that I didn’t add additional water when pureeing. The boys enjoy the mash a lot. Over the weekend, I would scoop out a dollop to go with whatever meal they had (not just breakfast) and I didn’t even warm it up. I would just take it out to room temperature and offer it as a palate changer.

See more homemade baby food recipes and tips here!

Week 33 and sweetness!


HAPPY 33 WEEKS TO US!!! Another week we have been blessed to have the boys cooking, growing, and getting more ready for their life outside the womb. We’ve made it such a long way from when things were a little rocky a while back… and here we are! Fighting like champs! 🙂

By the way… I finally updated the collage on my Baby Story page. You know you love my awesome Paint skills!

Congrats to Kate & Will! It was such a great moment to see them leave the hospital and introduce their son, GEORGE!, to the world. I cried when I saw them. It was beautiful and got me giddy to know that the hubs and I have that special moment to look forward to soon!


Now on to cupcake goodness… where have these been all my life?! Ok, to be honest, I used to think spending money on cupcakes was ridiculous. Give me $5 and I’ll make you two dozen cupcakes with yummy frosting and cute designs! But these were so delicious that I have completely changed my mind. Thanks to Lani and Hannah Lei for visiting us and bringing these goodies!!! Our favorites were the bottom left and bottom middle. I’m drooling just thinking about them. Sadly, they are all gone now.


Hannah was such a good girl! She was so sweet sharing smiles and giggles with me during her visit. I loved watching her keep her hands out as if she needed to balance while eating.


Her Uncle Jing told her she could take her pick with one of the twins! Let’s see who wins her heart! =P


Gotta share the other goodies we have been so fortunate to have. Our family and friends are the best!


Spaghetti infused with veggies (carrots, zucchini, and onions) from the sister


Cowboy quesadilla with roasted broccoli from the sister


And this AMAZING spread of Thai food from the hubby’s cousin… (the angel chorus goes off).


I’m missing a picture of the spam, rice, and Panera Bread my good girlfriend brought over… but I was just as ecstatic as the last time she made me spam!

It’s crazy how much the excitement is growing, as well as the anxiousness/nervousness with the babies almost here. I’m going to try my hardest to keep posting to this blog. I told myself that I will post something once a week with a quick blurb or recap. I’m excited not only to share the babies, but to also get back into the groove with working out and all other kinds of things with my life! I know that won’t happen immediately, but when it does, I plan to write about it here! 🙂 Thanks for reading…