Caring for sick twin babies: Five tips

The boys were sick the past few days and we had to stay home from work to care for them. For part of that time, we tag-teamed it up and one of us stayed at home while the other went to work, then we switched. While I was alone, I realized there was a lot to learn about caring for twin babies who are sick. Here are five of them that really stood out to me:

#1) Put Frozen (or other favorite movie) on repeat


In the past three days alone, we’ve watched Frozen at least 3,849,102 times. I lost track. What I really need is to figure out how to get just the SONGS on repeat. The boys will go from freaking out, screaming banshees to frozen (no pun intended), quiet little boys with their mouths wide open as they stare at the screen.

#2) Break all food rules


What does that mean? Eat food in non-food zones? Play with a container of crackers even though it may (and will) break open and crumbs will scatter everywhere? Eat 512 puffs in one sitting? Whatever it takes, DO IT. Yes, you’ll pay for it later, whether in the clean up or in the reverting back to good habits. But when I see how excited those little addicting rice crackers are, I can’t help but continue passing them along to the boys. Plus, they really lost their appetites when their sicknesses hit them, so I just go with any way to get food in em.

#3) Break all sleeping rules


Ok, this is a hard one for me. We are extremely adamant about enforcing the boys’ sleeping and nighttime schedules. They have pretty set areas for nap time, for example. They sleep on small pillows in our family room for their early morning naps and in their cribs for their long afternoon naps. But when the babies are sick, recovery trumps routine! Monkey #1 spent almost the entire Sunday sleeping in our bed. It was heartbreaking to see him so miserable and tired, so he could hog the entire king bed all he wanted.

#4) Reunite the babies


Once the “contagious period” has cleared (or at least you think it has), put the twins back together! The boys don’t show it all the time, but they definitely have grown very much used to each other and I really believe they feel better once they are near each other again. It’s a twin thing. They belong together. Separation is no bueno.

#5) Get help


Being outnumbered SUCKS! It’s hard enough caring for twin babies alone. Is it possible? Yes. But it’s triply and quadruply (are those words?) hard to care for them when they’re sick!!! They are clingy, and fussy, and needy, and whiney… the CRYING! OH, THE CRYING! It’s amazing how much they scream when you simply put them down or walk away. And it not only breaks my heart to hear the crying, but I know they are sick so there is almost no exception for tending to their needs. Having an extra pair of hands to help hold, soothe, and care for the babies with you is essential to maintaing sanity. And look! They bring food (and sometimes boba) with them!!! Shoutout to Auntie Ninang for coming to the rescue!


Do you have other tips and tricks for caring for sick babies/toddlers? Tell me!!! I need to know!!!


***Disclaimer: These pieces of advice are for FUN ONLY and are not actual medical advice! Seek your pediatrician or a nurse for advice immediately if your baby is sick!!!***