A Good Night and Corned Beef Hash Recipe

I put the boys to bed all on my own last night. We played, brushed teeth, read a bedtime story, and they went to bed.


No whining, no crying. Just a hint of a fuss when I had to leave Adrian on the floor while I put Jer into bed, but soon it was completely silent. Music to my ears! It was a good night.


No matter how many tears, screams, fusses, and back-arches we endure that day, some sort of magic fills the air the moment they are asleep. It’s as if the world puts everything back into its place and we get to take a step back, soaking in the big picture, and we realize that this fleeting time in our lives is too precious to be filled with frustration and worry.

What’s a mom to do when her babies are in bed at 7:00 on the dot? She pours a glass of wine, puts on a YouTube video, and cooks!

Lately, I’m loving ItsJudysLife. Judy is a gal who posts daily vlogs (videos) that I’ve come to really enjoy. I previously didn’t understand the point in watching someone else’s life, but ever since she got pregnant with twins, I’ve been hooked! I think it’s the point that I am sort of reliving the early days with the boys and it is fun and intriguing to see another mom’s experience and perspective. How adorable is this? Her babies hold hands all on their own!


I really, really, really hate using canned goods. I wish I had all the time, energy, money, and resources in the world to cook every single thing from scratch. But the reality is that we live (currently) off of convenience about 75% of the time. It’s too much to be in the kitchen all day long. So whenever possible, I try to add as many veggies and other ingredients that turn a canned good into something somewhat healthier (or less bad) and it sneaks in more veggies than usual. With that said, I bring you… corned beef hash! Inspired by my parents and in-laws as it was a go-to breakfast meal on the weekends growing up. Part of the rotation of spam, vienna sausages, and eggs.

Corned Beef Hash


2-3 garlic cloves, minced

1 medium yellow onion, thinly sliced

1 medium tomato, chopped

1 white potato, diced

1 can corned beef, crumbled

Salt and pepper to taste



Chop all veggies.



Heat oil in a skillet/frying pan on medium heat (I use either olive oil or canola oil). Saute garlic and onion – not too long because they’ll continue to cook.



Add tomatoes and continue to cook until tomatoes soften.



Meanwhile, open corned beef can and crumble in a bowl with a fork. Fill can almost to top with water (you’ll use the water in the next step). I know there are more “authentic” corned beefs out there (as in the ones on St. Patrick’s Day), but this is the type I pretty much grew up with.



Add corned beef to skillet and mix with veggies. Add water and wait until water is boiling.



Add potatoes and cook for an addition 5-7 minutes. You don’t want the potatoes to be super mush, so I check the tenderness with a fork once or twice. Sprinkle a few dashes of salt and pepper.



I forgot to snap a photo of the final product! But it’s delicious (and almost impossible to have otherwise) with white rice. I know, I should do brown rice.


Upcoming homemade baby food recipes: Table foods! I’ll still post recipes for the purees and mashed foods, stay tuned!

The boys have moved on (a bit late, but it’s ok) to table foods! Here’s a preview of what I prepared for daycare this week:


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Recovering from bed rest and a huge commitment


Jeremiah Tyler


Adrian Joseph

Our baby boys are still in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) because they came out a bit early (34 weeks and 5 days) and need the extra care to grow big and strong and ready to come home with us. They are each making progress each day even if it is slow and steady. Once in a while there is a setback, but we know they are in the best hands with such amazing nurses and doctors to monitor them every second of the day and give them what they need to thrive. It’s looking like Jeremiah may come home sooner than his brother. We haven’t been given an exact date yet. But that’s OK because as much as we miss them so much and want them to come home ASAP, we want them to come home when they are ready. It is so hard leaving them at the hospital, but we know they are getting the care that we cannot provide at home.

Surprisingly, our situation has sort of given us an unexpected “gift.” The hubby and I have been able to ease into our new roles as parents since we do not have them at home yet. We are using this time that we have just the two of us to finish last minute things around the house, enjoy life as just the two of us for one more stretch of time, and just slowly transitioning into a new sleep schedule. Even though the boys aren’t home yet, I am pumping breastmilk to give to the nurses to feed them. They are too little and unprepared to breastfeed just yet, but providing milk through pumping is the next best thing! They will get nutrition and protection from my milk that they cannot really get from formula. We learned that this is essential especially as they are premies and need the extra boost to grow. But pumping is a HUGE commitment! I was always 100% sure I wanted to breastfeed or pump, but now that I am doing it, I am experiencing a whole new level of exhaustion. And the boys aren’t even here yet!!! But it’s true that you’ll do anything for your kids and that is why I have fully accepted my new career and am doing all I can to establish a good supply and routine so that the boys will be fed the best. Already I am pumping a good volume and yet I can barely keep up with what they can eat! I am logging everything in (how much I produce, how long I pump, and how often I pump) so I can watch my progress.

Something I’ve been wanting to write about for so long is my experience being on bed rest for three whole months. I can’t exactly write my entire story right now, but I can tell you that beginning on May 1, 2013, I was told I needed to go onto bed rest. I was only 21 weeks pregnant at the time and already dilated 1 cm! We had just found out the sex of our babies and had no idea anything would be an issue. All I can say at this point was that we went through a very scary time. It was so difficult and trying to get through each day and week from there. There were some major ups and downs with our pregnancy from that point on: complications with the twins and issues with me. However, with an unfailing faith, the most supportive and loving family and friends, and the best medical staff, we got through each day and week and month! Along with meds to stop contractions and pre-term labor, I carried the boys a full three months 🙂 I still sneaked in a weekly photo when I could and the hopped right back into bed or onto the couch =P

Even though they were still born a month early, they reached a very good gestational age that made us so proud and relieved. The journey continues in the NICU, but it is truly a blessing to look back and see how far we’ve come. Wow, I really wish I could share the entire story, but I’ve gotta go pump! You would think that I can find time to write more, but juggling pumping, visiting our boys, staying there for a few hours, returning home to take care of ourselves… somehow the time flies! But I’m cleaning and doing all the walking I couldn’t do from May-July and I was able to start cooking again! My first real meal I prepared at home… Not the best presentation, but it beats all the eating out we’ve been doing since the boys arrived! I can’t wait to get back into shape and start running again. I will need to wait for clearance from the doc. For now, I’m just enjoying walking again and just enjoying being on my feet!


This was me on bed rest… I finally got a smart phone and I suppose this is what they call a “selfie???”


And some other pictures in my hot wheels! 🙂20130723_133109 2013-07-03 Appointment for fetal echo


I definitely overdid it after delivery. Instead of easing my way back onto my feet, once we returned from the hospital, I was cleaning and preparing and doing all sorts of stuff on my feet. Next thing I knew… I seriously blew up like nothing I’ve ever seen before! I no longer saw my ankles, my toes were super swollen, and my feet really hurt. I was worried something was wrong, but a nurse just told me to REST, REST, REST and stay off my feet, and elevate them! It is so hard to follow directions. Luckily, the swelling’s practically gone now. It’s my fingers we still have to deflate… I miss my wedding ring! 🙂

By the way… who’s going to give me my 10,000th view?! =P (See very bottom of this page. You may not see my view counter if you’re viewing from a mobile device. Weird, that sounded so advertisement-y!)