The boys’ first 5K & my first Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day was lovely. I got a frame with my baby boys’ hand prints and a frame of one of my favorite pictures of us. I was so tickled that the boys “made” me something from daycare. And I love that I can see their little hand prints. I may be crafty, but I am not really into paints, so I’m glad daycare is good at that!


Both frames are being displayed above my work computer! Finally some decor in that cube of mine. I also got a special journal that the hubby wrote inside and pasted pictures of the fours of us. It’ll be a tradition to fill the pages with memories each Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Soon the boys will be able to scribble inside and write letters and draw pictures themselves!



And I can’t fail to mention the gorgeous watch that the hubby got me for Mother’s Day. It’s something I”ve wanted for a long time and he delivered! Loving my new accessory:) Thanks, babe!

sister - mom - me

sister – mom – me

We celebrated at Outback Steakhouse with my family. Look who joined the grown ups’ table!!! Adrian’s first experience in a highchair:


Jer’s second time in a highchair (his first time was in Vegas):


Both boys did great! We fed them puffs and they stayed calm (mostly). It was a big risk taking them to lunch at that time b/c they didn’t have much of a morning nap and the lunch coincided with their usual afternoon nap. But we always just roll with the punches and they did fine.


Spend the rest of the day at Gramma’s house. Three generations right here. We are missing Mom’s mom in the picture:(

We participated in the annual Race for the Cure the day before. The boys’ first 5K! Hopefully they will enjoy running like their mama one day. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and this is one of the big events we make sure to participate in every year to support research and awareness. Here is our team… their sign is missing a letter… can you guess what it is?


The boys are looking so grown and handsome. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself the day I realize they’re not my babies anymore. Well, they’ll ALWAYS be my babies, but I know one day they will insist they aren’t!

wpid-20140510_103126.jpg wpid-20140510_094432.jpg


We were pooped at the end. Walking 3.1 miles was a little harder than we thought! Especially pushing around a big stroller!


Random picture of Adrian and one of the styrofoam letters. Yes, spelling lessons are starting early!!!wpid-20140509_175659_4_bestshot.jpg

Play pen training! I miraculously found time to pick my twin book back up and read that this is a good time to get the boys used to staying in a play pen (or Pack N Play as you see here). Once they taste freedom, they will not want to be confined. So rather than wait too late, I plan to get them used to playing and hanging out in this itty bitty space. It’ll come in handy when they ARE mobile and we need them to stay put long enough for us to get some serious work done around the house and not worry about what trouble they are getting into!


This is how I get stuff done:

  1. Dump laundry out onto floor.
  2. Place laundry basket in front of babies.
  3. (Literally) throw toys into the basket from behind them.
  4. Make sure babies are amused and intrigued.
  5. Quickly fold laundry.
  6. Put laundry away before they get bored.

wpid-20140512_065745.jpgThe boys ate pretty well last weekend. I fed them an odd mix of avocado, carrots, and sweet potato, which I had cooked/pureed a few weeks ago and froze. This is TMI, but later that day, I saw carrots in Adrian’s poop! I can’t tell you how excited I was. It was so cool to me that he really did eat the food and that it made its way down his system. Ok, definitely TMI.

wpid-20140512_072406.jpg wpid-20140512_072358.jpg


The boys at their nine-month check up!!! We couldn’t be more proud of the boys. They have been through SO MUCH and here they are, 18.5 lbs each, 28 inches long, and super healthy and happy! These boys used to have a long list of medications, a ton of appointments scheduled, and some issues and medical conditions that really worried us. But now, a ton of things are resolved and really they just have their helmet wearing to endure a little longer. Otherwise, their pediatrician is extremely pleased with how they’re doing and we are just so grateful.


Lastly, I want to share this video clip I took of the boys playing with their toys. Hope you enjoy it. Jeremiah is shown first, followed by Adrian. I love their grunting and Adrian’s scrunching cheesy face at the end!


Our first family outing!


First family outing: Daffodil Hill

We had our first family outing! This was the first trip we took, just the four of us, to a place that was out of town and not a doctor’s appointment. It was a lot of work getting out of the house. Packing up enough food, diapers, changes of clothes, blankets, emergency items, and the babies themselves is quite a task. We are just glad that each time we get out there with the twins, we are getting good practice for bigger and better things.

We went to Daffodil Hill, which is in Amador County. The drive was beautiful – some parts were full of country flatlands, others had tons of livestock (we saw goats, cows, horses), and some others were very windy (that’s “windy” as in winding, not full of blowing wind :P). The place itself was quaint and pleasant. We did some “research”on Yelp beforehand to prepare for the trip. It was smaller than we thought. I guess we had a Sound of Music “The hills hills are alive” expectation. But even though it wasn’t that big, we’re so glad we were able to visit and witness the flowers. Apparently, the place is only open a few weeks a year and we’ve missed opportunities to go before. Last year when we tried to go, we found out they had just closed the day before! Since we were already on the road and determined to go out, we went HERE instead!

The boys were so cute. They were talkative and Adrian especially was very loud! We wore them for part of our time there and then at some point laid out a blanket to sit on. We got a few people asking about the boys’ helmets, asking if they are twins, and telling us how cute they were. Not gonna lie, I love the attention! That is, as long as it’s nice, considerate, and within boundaries! Some guy actually walked straight up to us and touched one of the boys’ helmet as he was asking about it! I am not the confrontational type, but I am ready to defend my babies if it came down to it!

Here are some fun photos of our trip, followed by a short video. It was fun recording the clip… I’m thinking of sharing more videos on the blog! Hope you enjoy them:)


Gorgeous flowers in bloom!


Papa & Jer Bear


Mama & Adrian Boy

These pictures are the cutest. I melt.


wpid-20140322_131338.jpgAdrian: wpid-20140322_131311.jpg


It’s Christmas Eve and our week in pictures

Next year, I won’t complain about Christmas decorations or music in October. Time always just flies by and then all of a sudden, we’re down to a few days before Christmas. Even though it’s not about the material things, it’s still about the kids and about the thought that counts. I love wrapping gifts, baking, and just overall preparing for. But even though we are still hanging up ornaments, we just sent out our holiday card, and our house is a mess, we have more than enough to be thankful for. Jesus us the reason for the season. Thank God for keeping me and my family warm, fed, healthy, & happy. We have each other and have been blessed beyond belief. The love I feel from my husband, my baby boys, my parents, my sister, and my friends is all I could ever want for Christmas. Corny, cheesy, & cliché, but all too true! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Now for some quick updates in pictures:

The boys are talking more than ever…

They love their new kick and grow piano… will post a video soon! See videos below!



In the morning, I love how the boys are when they first wake up. The feeling of walking into their room,  greeting them for the first time that morning,  and seeing them smile back is so wonderful! So many things about these boys warm my heart. Their giggles, laughter, and smiles can make anyone’s day brighter.




Me and Jer. Our new thing with the boys is looking at the mirror with them. They love it and squeal like crazy sometimes!


They’re getting so good a grabbing things! The items have to be up in there faces,  but it’s a start! Adrian in the famous blue seat:

Supervising mommy put ornaments on the tree… we were a lil late this year with the tree,  but it’s looking so much better than last year and at least we put it up at all!:)

My mornings alone with the boys have slowly developed into a routine. A very rough one though because even though I have a plan in mind, they still decide how things will actually turn out! Most days, they are sweet enough to hang out in their cribs and let mommy get something to eat and pump. It is soooo sweet hearing them babble through the monitor!

Then I’ll return and the boys will do tummy time!

Or they’ll help me pick out their clothes if we have somewhere to go that day…

Or they’ll just fall back asleep for a little bit haha:


Sometime last week, we made it out of the house with Auntie Ninang. Went to Target for some last minute gifts, post office to finally send out our holiday card, and to BOBA!

How handsome are the boys in my life?!?! My lil guys in bow ties and my number one guy in a tie!:)

RIP, Uncle Rey. A beautiful ceremony to celebrate the life of an amazing person. A husband, father, friend. It was bittersweet because the church where the funeral mass was held is the church I basically grew up in and I was happy the boys got to visit for their first time, yet it was for a sad reason. But we know Uncle is now at peace and no longer suffering. We thank God for his life with us here on earth!

The babies loving their pianos. Jeremiah: