Sleep training success!

The boys went to sleep for the night at 6:45 pm.


The sun was still up! I didn’t know what to do first: eat, drink, cook, bake, prepare work lunches, shower, watch TV, watch an entire movie…

We started sleep training two weeks ago and it has been amazing. If you’re interested in how we did it, check out my post on sleep training here!

I was hesitant to sleep train at first for two reasons: 1) I believed sleep training meant CIO (cry it out) until the babies pass out from exhaustion and I couldn’t bear the thought of doing that, and 2) I learned that even after successfully sleep training babies, they go through dreaded “sleep regressions” due to growth spurts and being more alert and stimulated.

After doing some research and finding a sleep training method I agreed with, we did it! The past week has been wonderful. The boys are in bed early, giving us time to eat, clean up, and catch up on TV shows and watch movies!!! We’ll ride this wave as looooong as we can.

What we’ve been up to lately…

Adrian finding new ways of playing with the standing mobile:


Our family room turned activity-slash-exersaucer-slash-bouncer-center:



Silly Jer… wpid-20140317_161031.jpg

We’re going out for more walks!

The weather was beautiful over the weekend. We hit the 80s!



Gonna have the boys enjoy sitting in this figuration before their feet are too long…


If you were to ask me what is “music to my ears,” it would be a hard decision between the boys’ laughter/giggles and…


Party animal and tough guy out for the count:wpid-IMG_20140316_111116.jpg

There are few things that beat the image of a sleeping baby. So precious, helpless, and perfect:


Check out the cribs…

The boys’ nursery has a new crib arrangement!

We initially had their cribs on opposite sides of the room like this. Then the boys’ Lolo (hubs’ dad) suggested this option. I love the idea of the boys being next to each other and eventually being able to see each other through their cribs. Shot out to our good friends Ryan & Jo for our beautiful maternity photos. We had them put onto canvases and they are now up in the nursery! You can see the rest of our maternity shoot here!


Well, I’m off to go and do something else because… it’s only 8:30! Watch out, I may sneak out and paint the town pink…

First run postpartum, golfing, & a mini-date

I did it! I went for my first run postpartum (or post-babies). Ok, it was more of a walk/jog, but I did it: I laced up, put on my favorite running shirt, and out the door I went. It was my goal to get back into running and today was the first day I could since it has been exactly 6 weeks since I gave birth. Thanks to the hubby who held the fort down and supported/pushed me to get out there. It’s been super long since my last run, so my goal was to do an easy mile. I am sad that my Garmin was out of battery and right now I don’t have a non-Apple computer to charge it and upload runs. So instead, I used my handy dandy Smartphone and quickly downloaded a running app so I could track my mileage and time. I ended up completing 1.05 miles in 15:05!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:


Nice evening, beautiful weather


My first “real” pair of running shoes:


The aftermath:


Earlier this week, I also got back onto the golf course! It was a lot of fun playing and I didn’t do THAT bad. I need to work on concentrating… that would help me a whole lot. I tend to put pressure on myself and feel conscious of those around me. When I really relax and focus, I can actually hit a ball decently!


Today was really nice since the hubs and I got to go on a little date. His mom and dad relieved us of baby duties while we went out to get some Starbucks, eat Pho, and of course, run some errands for the babies. It’s funny because even though this date was for US, we found ourselves constantly talking about the boys during dinner. We love them way too much.

I present to you, a green monster (crazy concoction) and… SALTED CARAMEL MOCHA FRAPPUCINO! YUMMMMM…


Vermicelli bowl, Pho, and a strawberry shake 🙂 Was craving me some Pho!


Here we are:) Always keeping the love alive!


The boys each did something really cute last night during my night shift. As I brought their bottle to them, they placed a hand on the side! It was so adorable and yet bittersweet to think they are growing so fast.


Adrian holding onto his bottle


Jeremiah holding onto his bottle

And lastly… I just have to share the cute positions they put themselves in!



Well, good night, er, good nap? I think that’s what it’s called at 5 AM.

An update in pictures, Instagram, and plans to run

“Sleep when they’re sleeping!” is what we’re told. But when would we actually do anything else?! These boys are a lot of work and they are worth every drop of sweat, tears, and blood. (Don’t worry, there is really no blood.)

As a (wannabe) writer, sometimes you must make sacrifices in order to get the words onto the page. Gotta capitalize when the opportunity strikes! I’ll try to be brief… key word, “try.”

So I am trying something new with my posts… I will just upload a bunch of pictures, add captions, and hopefully that’ll be enough story-telling for ya! The pics may be in a weird order though. Whoops.

By the way, did you notice my new Instagram widget on my blog? You can see the pictures I upload to IG (<– already using nicknames!) either on the right of the screen if you’re viewing from a desktop or on the bottom if you are viewing from your smartphone. I am SOOO with the times! (Maybe a little too with it… I feel like I’ve been posting like crazy, but I just got so excited because I finally saw what the craze was about. I even used my first HASHTAG the other day. I used to raise an eyebrow when I’d see posts #justlikethis or #evenmorelikethisone. But here I am, starting my own with #thedeleontwins :).

Why yes, that is chocolate cake at 4 am... don't judge me!

Why yes, that is chocolate cake at 4 am… don’t judge me!

Us brothers gotta stick together

Us brothers gotta stick together

Little froggy JT and monkey AJ hanging out

Little froggy JT and monkey AJ hanging out

Enough said :)

Enough said 🙂

It's so fun having the boys spend time next to each other. Now if only they could acknowledge each other...

It’s so fun having the boys spend time next to each other. Now if only they could acknowledge each other…

I just wanna eat up these little hands...

I just wanna eat up these little hands…

Fantabulous diaper cakes from Auntie Aur & Uncle Tim! They spent some great QT with the boys:)

Fantabulous diaper cakes from Auntie Aur & Uncle Tim! They spent some great QT with the boys:)

Love these Rock N Plays. They keep the boys snug and they can take really long naps in them!

Love these Rock N Plays. They keep the boys snug and they can take really long naps in them!

"Now throw ya hands up!" It's so cute to see how the boys end up during their naps.

“Now throw ya hands up!” It’s so cute to see how the boys end up during their naps.

Our first walk in the neighborhood! The boys did great - we lasted about half an hour;)

Our first walk in the neighborhood! The boys did great – we lasted about half an hour;)

Jer Bear

Jer Bear during the walk


Adrian during the walk

Are things getting easier? Hmm… hard to say yes. It’s more like we are getting used to things, learning more about the boys, and trying to anticipate their needs better. But already the boys are looking older. We see creases in their little bodies indicating they are getting chubbier! Their faces are fuller. They are more alert and really follow movement and sound with their eyes. They are getting stronger! Diaper changes are getting tricky as they kick and squirm, arch their backs and lock their knees. Still loving the little sounds and grunts they make. Precious little things they are.

On one last note… I can’t wait to get back into running! I know I will be SUPER winded, but I have just seriously been looking forward to getting back out there. I felt like I had just gotten into running right before I got put onto bed rest. I think about it often, especially as I read my favorite running blogs (Hungry Runner Girl, Skinny Runner, STUFT Mama). I am aiming to participate in the Elk Grove 5K fun run in October. This Thursday will mark 6 weeks since I gave birth, so I will finally be able to start working out again. I’ll have to set myself up a nice little schedule to ease back into getting in shape. Bed rest has made me so weak!

Yummy food and a walk

No wonder it’s called The Habit. Once you start, the habit has begun! Yummy teriyaki burger (for me), double char burger (for the hubs), fries, and (not pictured) onion rings! And of course, with my favorite kind of ranch, the creamy, but not too thick and bottle-tasting, type. 

Sometime last week we went to Panera Bread. I think the hubs thinks I’m weird for always trying to take pictures of my food now. Chicken caesar salad, broccoli cheddar cheese soup, and a panini. YUM!

Today, we went for a walk! I am finally feeling a lot better and I wanted to just go for a walk around our neighborhood. We walked for 24 minutes and covered roughly 1.5 miles. It was pretty cold outside and we listened to the radio via the hubs’ phone while we walked. 🙂